Ammar Belal, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Karachi

           The man known for his penchant for drama on the ramp, Ammar Belal presented a collection titled “Disco Inferno“. As the name suggests, the collection comprised of pieces heavily influenced from 70’s disco era.  He presented a wide range of both menswear and womenswear pieces with signature AB touch to them. Ammar’s collections in the past have been criticized for having lesser commercial value and very little wearability inspite of their designing brilliance. With this collection, by keeping in mind the wearability factor, he has produced a collection that is not only runway worthy but the pieces are absolutely commercial in value.

Here are some of the looks from the collection.

            Womenswear were mainly consisted of high waisted trousers with full sleeve blouses, there was a lot of patch work involved. Ammar took a big risk by creating textures by mixing pleads, polka dots, stripes, checkered and floral prints. Such a fusion of prints can very easily look tacky and all over the place. However, Ammar played with these prints very cleverly and made the overall texture look  very polished and chic. In the props department,  the primary accessory every model carrying was the signature 70’s shaded glasses     with white frame. Shoes and accessory were rather subtle and understated and given the loud prints of the collection, that was the best way to go.


        Menswear collection was a flurry of casual and formal suits with a  lot of ‘must-have’ blazers and jackets.

        The stand out piece to me was the low-cut, two-button formal suit with very stylish and articulate paneling on the waists and pockets. The polka dots tie was a designing masterpiece.


          Here it is pertinent to mention that Ammar Belal was spotted wearing the same look last month at LUX Style Awards.  With other menswear pieces, Ammar again played with print but in this case instead of mixing prints, he presented some very trendy and structural blazers sporting very unconventional prints. However, Ammar Belal kept it very masculine with overall styling with wide-legged trousers and faded two-tone jeans. Weakest point of collection were the wide-legged trousers, I am personally not a big fan of those trousers and believe in conventional pants. These trousers have already been done to death and have already made several comebacks over the decades in form of bell-bottoms. But, its just a matter of personal taste. Overall, all the menswear looks were very striking and each of the individual pieces were not only wearable but very fashion-forward too. Have a look,


Double breasted jacket is a very popular fall trend right now, golden cuffs add an oomph factor and the colourful print meshes very well with the steel grey pants.


Trench coat, another menswear fall trend, the belt is very sporty while the red shirt underneath is complimenting the metallic shine of the coat.


     A definite statement piece, the print is eye-catching and the pockets are heavenly, only thing bothering me is the pink shirt underneath.

       Overall, it was an amazing collection in which Ammar has shown tremendous growth. Definitely more wearable than his previous collections. He has showed colours of a true fashion designer by taking formidable risk by infusing prints and textures. He presented a variety of garments from jumpsuits and short dresses to coats and high-waisted pants.



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