PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Collections Overview (part 1)

Here is an overview of Day 1 and Day 2 collections of PFDC Sunsilk fashion Week held from 20th-23rd October, 2011 in Karachi.


       Akif’s was one of my favourite collections from this Fashion Week. It was an ode to the colourful festival of Basant. There were textures resembling Lahore’s architecture and colourful kaleidoscopic patterns that referenced to the colour-fest that Basant is. Akif Mehmood not only showed variety with the diversity in patterns and individual pieces but he captured the true colourfulness and playfulness of the festival and the vibrant Lahori spirit with this collection.

        Only downer for me of this collection were over-sized pom pom earrings. Those earrings were definitely a statement piece but their repetitive use got very literal and rendered the collection a bit monotonous.

     Love the flow of these two dresses, the jacket with over-sized puffy shoulders is a very edgy and smart piece.

   Colourful pattern on these three looks is uber funky.

    Now, this a what we call a head to toe complete look. Akif at his best.


     Maria B’s was a struggling collection. From clothes to styling, it was an unimpressive show.  Her collection was titled Neo-Natives depicting clothes inspired by various cultures and ancient civilizations of the world. She tried her hands at the idea of bohemian chic but couldn’t execute it properly.

    There were a few very interesting pieces but overall collection was not very runway worthy. But the main issue with the collection was her styling, pocahontas hair was probably not the most fashion forward idea. Its always very brave of a designer if he/she tries to go down the road of avant gardeness but  fashion should always be aesthetically pleasing which her collection wasn’t.


     See??? Who exactly is this girl and where on the earth is she going??

     Whenever I watch a Maria B collection, I always get the feeling as if she is trying too hard, maybe a theme-based collection is not her cup of tea, bridal couture is where she belongs. Bridal wear is what she is known for and happens to have a strong bridal wear clintele. Her various collections at PFDC fashion Weeks show her inability to execute a runway collection properly, she always falters when it comes to execution of the concept and the theme behind the collection and ends up going too literal with little or no wearability. In my opinion she should concentrate on Bridal Couture and use the platform like L’Oreal PFDC Bridal Couture Week to establish and cement her position in that market.


     Adnan Pardesy presented a collection constructed out of most unlikeliest of the fabrics, muslin. He showed brilliant constructional details in dyed muslin dresses. It was very interesting and inquisitive collection as he weaved and pleated muslin into dimensional patterns. He kept it very chic and minimal with the colour palette and styling and didn’t overdo it.

    The collection comprised of both menswear and womenswear looks.

  In the menswear department, he showed flowy long kurtas, signature Adnan Pardesy trousers paired with blazers. Accessorizing with over-sized military shoes was a very smart styling choice that added an edginess to otherwise soft and subtle vibe of the looks.

     Womenwear consisted of varying shades of purple, lemon and parrot green with very beautiful weaved corsets and flowy layered hems.



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