My article got published!!

           When I started this blog, the initial intention was to keep the content not only limited to fashion but cover social and political issues as well. But the blog was followed by fashion week so my initial few posts were focused entirely on fashion and the blog set out as  a fashion blog and then the unexpected happened.

                I had sent an article to various publications about two months ago in hope of being published. Months passed by and just when all my hopes of getting published passed out, I came home on a Friday night from a cousin’s mehndi at 1am extremely tired and switched my laptop on to check my Twitter only to find a congratulatory message from a fellow blogger about my article that was published in the popular youth weekly magazine Us that comes with the English daily The News. The article is about Facebook and different kinds of users one finds on Facebook. I have had my work appreciated by plenty of people and have been told how good of a writer I am but this is first acknowledhement of it’s type for me. At this stage of my life, studying Chemical Engineering while writing about fashion, I am not really sure what I am gonna grow up to be but what I am sure about is that I am not going to bow down to social pressures and choose a career that I will find my passion in and writing is definitely on top of that list. And this citation may be a very minor achievement as compared to what I want to achieve and become but it is surely going to be a major milestone for a nobody like me in the journey of making me what I aspire to be. Going to share my article on my blog very soon.

Cheers and Regards,

Usama Hamayun.


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