PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week: Collection Reviews, Day 1

      Conventionally speaking, bridal is not my cup of tea and being a loyal fan of western apparel and fashion-forward designs, anything conventional and commercial in nature is watched with reprehension by me. This is the very reason that bridals fails to excite me and as much as I appreciate the labour and work that goes into making a bridal piece and appreciate the beauty of the final piece, lack of innovation and experimentation in the bridals department is what causes the lack of anticipation on my end.

          However, when the most established and reputed fashion council of Pakistan takes on bridals and organize a bridal week carrying all the necessary ingredients of a usual fashion show, a fashion aficionado like me can do nothing but take notice. So, to sum it up, PFDC in collaboration with cosmetic giant L’Oreal Paris is staging a full fledged Bridal Couture Week which is currently underway from  18-21 Dec, 2011 in Lahore. Commercial giants like HSY, Karma, Maria B and Umar Sayeed are part of the list of presenters along with the newly talented lot of Ali Xeeshan and Fahad Hussayn.

       The event has so far turned out to be quite successful with a few very notable collection and some rather boring ones. Here’s a quick review of the most-talked about and worthy collection of Day 1.


      Widely acclaimed and commercially successfully fashion giant of Lahore HSY presented his collection on Day 1. Here it is pertinent to mention that HSY was filling in for Nomi Ansari who was scheduled to show too but had to pull out at the last minute due to date conflicts with the organizers.

       His collection titled ”Game of Kings” was themed on the dynamic game of Polo. With a colour palette of black and varying shades of golden, it was an ornate show where models adorned polo headgears and playing sticks. Clothes were delicately dazzling with lavish details. The collection comprised of both menswear and womenswear looks with the focus on rejuvenating the traditional bridals clothes with modernity. Hemlines went up and the usage of traditional dupattas was shunned. Presenting bridal wear as separates was a very novel idea. The collection for most of its part was very pleasing and definitely experimental however apparently the designer went a bit too overboard with the experimentation as the use of polo accessories with bridals seemed a bit disoriented, some of the menswear looks seemed as if they belonged more to a fashion show ramp than a bridal week runway.

         However, minor glitches apart, it was an opulent collection that was the right fusion of tradition and experimentation and the clothes worked. Black and metallic gold colour combination was the most notable and trend setting aspect of the collection and we can expect to see a lot of this trend in the coming future. The transitional aspect of the pieces from bridals to evening wear was another high point of the collection.


          Other presentation of the day included Sonia Azhar’s collection, her collection though very beautiful was quite boring with no innovation or experimentation. Bridal and evening wear dresses in traditional silhouettes and and conventional detailing walked down the runway with nothing exciting or path breaking. Moamar Rana, Hadiqa Kiani and Adeel Hashmi walked the finale for her.

      On a side not, the runway for all four days has been designed by Hamza Tarrar of Casa Hamza and what an amazing job he has done with it, the gold shimmering runway of Day 1 was dripping with elegance and splendour.

     There were some amazing collections displayed by Fahad Hussayn and Ali Xeeshan on Day 2 and Day 3 respectively which will be reviewed later.


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