PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week: Collection Reviews (Day 3)

Ali Xeeshan:

     Ali Xeeshan’s collection was the highlight of Day 3, his collection titled “Pehlgam” drew inspiration from the rich culture of disputed territory of Kashmir. An ethnicity that boasts of rich indigenous traditions and century old norms. The collection comprised of looks reminiscent of traditional Kashmiri bride with a modern day twists to them.


      Heavy embroided shawls, lockets bearing name of Allah, a conventional rukhsati under the shadow of Quran, the entire collection was an absolute delight to watch. Ali Xeeshan never let the collection sway into monotony and kept everything beautiful yet innovative and interesting keeping the anticipation level high. It was literally a show with amazing bridal looks and a convincing presentation. Ali X’s collection showed how you get inspired by a theme and an aesthetic and translate it into wearable yet fashion-forward modern day looks. Other designers have a lot to learn from Ali X and Fahad Hussayn’s collections. Ali’s collection might not be commercially most befitting collection but when it comes to trend setting, his was definitely one of the strongest of the entire Bridal Week.


   Only off putting aspect of his collection was the tin-foil ghararas that didn’t make much of a sense and he might have over-stepped into the territory of creativity with as you don’t need fashion gimmicks like that when you have such a presentable and delightful collection.


But apart from that there was nothing not to love. 

Asifa and Nabeel:

        Asifa and Nabeel didn’t have much to offer, the collection was centred around three colour tones, it started off with the traditional red bridals evolving into navy blue and finally ending on cream-coloured avatars.


      They didn’t stay true to their inspirational theme of “Ottoman Royalty”, it was just regular same old bridal bling that we all have seen a zillion times before. The clothes were breathtakingly beautiful but the lack of innovation and fashion-forward looks rendered the entire collection boring and monotonous. There was nothing exciting or never seen before, the only high point of the entire presentation was the performances by youth icons Bilal Khan and Quratulain Baloch that added the much needed excitement and liveliness to the show.


Sara Rohale Asghar:

      Its unfair to call Sara Rohale Asghar’s collection a collection, it was just a line of bridal clothes offering beautiful commercially viable outfits. The most basic starting tool of a collection is an inspirational base which in her case was the wedding culture of Pakistan. That quite says it all. She might have gotten the client exposure that she was expecting from the collection but it was definitely not a collection worth a fashion show.

    Josh performed at her show and pumped some life into the show.


     Similar was the case with Rogue. Beautiful garments, nothing ground breaking.


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