Paris-Bombay: Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Collection Review

    Kings of Parisian chic did a Maharajah inspired collection titled Paris-Bombay. Luxurious haute-couture Parisian brand Chanel known for its famous creations worn by style icons through the decades goes out all Indian for his Pre-Fall 2012 collection, you are thinking a colourful collection comprising of ghararas, chollies and saris, Think Again! Chanel presents an Indianized version of its world famous tweeds and jackets.

    I have been meaning to do a collection review of Chanel’s Pre-Fall Collection since forever. I know its too late to write a review and the collection is a month old but I guess it still is better than never.

   It comprised of 78 looks. Setting was Paris’s famous historic exhibition site, Grand Palais; a background Mughal-carved stone wall was created to represent the exuberance of rich Indian culture, the very same thing that the collection personified. Guests were seated in a banquet style setting as if it was a lavish Maharajah dinner like the ones in past centuries when Mughals and Maharaja’s ruled the sub-continent.

   While the collection was inspired by jewels and fabrics of India, it was a prodigious product of Chanel’s ateliers from Paris as exemplified by his signature tweeds and muted colour tones which are in stark contrast to the conventional Eastern colourful palette.

   Constructed jackets paired with lucid draped skirts and white lather leggings cum boots, a recurring item in the entire collection; Karl Lagerfeld did it his way sticking to signature muted colour palette of Chanel.

Have a look at the collection:

    Apart from the off-white, white and Chanel cream, liquid gold and silver were the other colours seen in profusion in the collection with occasional sightings of navy blue and ­different hues of pink and red in everything from draped dresses and fitted jackets to boots and leggings.

  The style inspiration was drawn more from the extravagance of ancient Maharajahs than the clichéd and predictable Bollywood’s version. Some Western critics argued that the hair and makeup are a bit too heavy but I think it blends perfectly with the clothes and give the whole collection an attitude.

    Overall each look in the collection exhilarated luxe and Eastern elegance styled with heavy metallic gears from headpieces to long necklaces. Heavy collars, jeweled neck pieces and chained belts signified the aristocratic menswear inspiration drawn from rules of opulent Hindu Maharajas.

   However, Karl Lagerfeld never let go off the Parisian influence, the hallmark of Coco Chanel glorious legacy.

    Luxe, extravagant and fashion forward, these are the clothes characters of Sex and the City girls would wear if they had a movie in the setting of India.


2 thoughts on “Paris-Bombay: Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Collection Review

    • Usama Hamayun says:

      Thanks for the compliment 😛
      Its just beauty of Chanel that makes this post look so good, I just point out the obvious.

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