Sana-Safinaz Ad Campaign: The controversy and the love of it!!

      Ok, so Sana-Safinaz Spring-Summer ad campaign is the talk of the town or should I say the world of social media and I haven’t blogged in months but thankfully all the hoopla surrounding the campaign and the uproar it has generated has atleast helped me come out of this drive of laziness.

Here’s my much-sought, long-awaited due opinion on the campaign.

       Whether you like it or not is up to you but nobody can deny the brand value of Sana-Safinaz and the fact that what an amazing designer duo they are. I personally have always admired and liked their work. Their most recent accomplishment is the SS dress that Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy wore to Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party after winning her Academy Award, the fact that Sharmeen chose Sana-Safinaz  for such a mammoth honour from a sea of designers speaks volume about the credibility and succes that they enjoy. also lets not forget that Sana-Safinaz are actually the pioneers of Summer Lawn and one of the first ones to kick start the frenzy that designer lawn has become.

    So, enough of the good talk, lets rip the issue apart.


ISSUE 1: Is the campaign a rip off of Vogue India, August 2008 campaign??

        The answer to that is NO, the concept of the campaign might be remotely inspired by it but the Vogue India shoot was way more insensitive and in-your-face than this. The Vogue India shoot actually ridiculed the poverty of lower middle class Indians by positioning exquisite designer accessories of thousands of dollars with the poor Indian villagers. Here’s a look from that shoot:


ISSUE 2: Is the uproar and vehement reaction unjustified??

        Answer to that is another No. People have opinions and views and that is what make them humans. The pictures does offer a controversy but how everyone conceives it and judges it comes down to a personal level. Opinions are subjective and and definitely cant be suppressed, you simply cant shrug off people’s opinion by telling them they don’t know any better. Advertisements are supposed to be judged, that’s what companies and retailers put them out for, to garner attention, intimidate people and spark an interest. The best comment on this issue was by Samra Muslim who very aptly put it this way:

      “ppl have a right to comment as much as SS have to put up a communications! No one can dictate that” (via twitter)

    However, while downplaying and criticizing the ad is justified, wishing the SS brand bad luck and suggesting to bring the business down is out rightly an extremist approach.

ISSUE 3: What will be the consequences?

      Its actually a fresh surprise to see people’s reaction, its always a welcoming occurrence to see people responding to world of fashion and the activities that take place in it.

     The ad campaign irrespective of its content actually pushed boundaries and introduced some much- needed creativity and conceptualization into our ad campaigns. But the biggest downside that the whole saga might create is that the whole damning of the campaign might make the designers more conscious from now on and discourage them from attempting to do something different and unique, it will further push them to stick to same old monotonous regime of boring shoots with models in pretty clothes standing in front of neutral backgrounds. It will discourage creativity and that in my opinion is the biggest drawback of the whole saga.


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