PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week April,2012: Day 1

 5th edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week kicked of yesterday in Lahore. The fashion week will continue from 13-16 April, 2012. Here’s a round up of the collections presented on Day 1 of PSFW.

Nickie Nina:

    Nickie and Nina’s last year collection “Sue Marine” was quite a disappointment and garnered a lot of negative reviews from press. This collection was quite an uplift from their previous collection. Titled “Royal Military”. The collection was inspired by regal appeal of military with elements of the rigid tailoring and military embellishments incorporated in the collection.

      It was quite a decent collection with wearable pieces which were loaded with signature Nicky Nina cuts and sophistication. This is as good as Nicky and Nina get, very true to sensibility of their design house, commercial, un experimental yet deluxe and fashion forward in appeal. You can never expect them to pull off a Fahad Hussayn or Ali Xeeshan per say.

The best collections of the night belonged to Muse and Elan.


     Named “Flights of Fantsay”, it took inspiration from Chinese art and design. The collection was a dynamic array of fashion forward clothes in popping colours of pink, yellow and electric blue which stands perfect for Spring-Summer. Clothes presented consisted of glittery palazzo pants, sequined tops and fabulous prints incorporated into separates.

     It was truly a winner collection.



     Muse is a brand synonymous with French luxe and glamour. In a short span of time, the brand has taken a grand leap of success. The collection was a continuation of their feminine aesthetic and dazzling patterns. The high of the collection was the palazzo trouser with heavy metallic embellishments with easy to wear fluid tops.

Mohsin Ali:

       Mohsin Ali is a designer who impressed all and sundry with his stylish take on unconventional materials. He is a designer who never takes the easy route out and works with the craziest of materials and end result is always insanely beautiful with a pinch of Avant Garde fashion. With this collection, Mohsin went commercial, for an aspiring designer, the transformation from experimental to commercial is always very important in order to reach out to retail market and convert creativity to wearability, however in Mohsin’s case, it is not a transformation but a sudden plunge into clientele friendly extremely commercial designs. Perhaps, the designer is too keen to milk all the praise that has come his way for his previous showings by going easy on the unaltered creativity and producing and presenting clothes that are way more wearable and resides on the commercial side.

    The collection was certainly not you would expect from Mohsin, the clothes were a bit too safe for a designer of his caliber, all the clothes presented were of the same form and a recurring design pattern rendered the collection a bit monotonous. Still, the joyful colour play saved the collection from being an utter disappointment, some of the chiffon dresses were a delightful sight.

     But overall, it seems as if Mohsin has given up his design sensibility and toned it way down to appease the domestic clientele which for me is not a happy surprise.


The rest of the showcasing designers included Azza and Tazeen Hassan whose collections was a mix of hits and misses. Nothing worthwhile to write about.

Trends Show:

      The day ended with a Trends show for which 14 designers came together to present clothes covering vivid trends touted to big this summer.

All in all it was a formidable start to PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Show. 

Special Mention:

    Special mention must go out to HSY for the brilliant choreography but Lotus PR is what deserves all the praise. They are so ubber efficient that they keep outdoing themselves. Well, I will need a whole new blog post to explain my last statement. Till now…stay tuned for Day 2 review.

Photo Courtesy: Lotus PR


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