PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week April, 2012: Day 2

   PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week continued on Day 2 and 3 at Expo Center, Lahore. Quality of presentation was top notch with everything from presentation to choreography done to perfection. HSY who officially announced opening of HSY Event Management handled the choreography and wowed all with his whimsical take on it, the collection presentation simulated by HSY’s choreography turned the entire show into a pleasurable watch. here’s a round up of notable collections:

 Ammar Belal:

    Ammar Belal did what he does best, put on a show. His collection titled “Reunion 2012” was an ode to the high school days, presenting a youthful collection with modern western-wear inspired pieces, the whole show was aided with a choreographed performance with Rihanna blurting out in the background and the dance troupe performing sporting the ABCD labelled pieces. The streak of energy and youthfulness that the collection exuded with the choreography and young students from schools and colleges of Lahore modelling was reciprocated equally in the clothes with a spurt of youthful garments, geometric shapes, slim fitted pants, striped blazers, sporty polos bearing flag of Pakistan, kness lenght pants, all in all it was  a fabulous display of fashion that young and the energetic should be following in 2012.

       Although the collection was smart and Ammar Belal cant be praised enough for his sensibility and fashion forward aesthetic. I still feel if Ammar starts focusing more on  editing and tweeking, its just that almost all the pieces of his collections are wearable and great individual clothes to have in one’s closet but I just feel a little attention on editing will help him appeal more to buyers and clients and help him expand his brand.

Fahad Hussayn:

      The other notable collection of the day was Fahad Hussayn with his collection “Paranoir”. It was an all black and white collection, which happens to be FH’s signature colours. The collection consisted of  lace appliques on saris, colour blocked dresses and geometric patterned skirts.



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