PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, April 2012: Day 3


    Karma has gone through such amazing transformation in the recent months, first a stellar PFDC Bridal Week Collection that received humongous praise, followed by a beautiful Lawn collection and now this PSFW collection that had everything from theme down to presentation executed perfectly.

      The collection inspired by children’s author Dr. Seuss’s work was an array of kitsch details, gorgeous prints and dazzling silhouettes. the entire collection came together so beautifully offering everything from gowns and shalwars to kimono dresses and tunics. This collection that has made me a huge fan of Karma and convinced me of Maheen Kardar Ali’s genious. Thumps Up!!


Fnk Asia:

    Fnk Asia was a disappointment, built around the feminist movement, the clothes were badly constructed with failed attempts at drapery and layering, the drab and dull colour palette didnt help either. It’s just that Huma Adnan can do better and lets keep in mind, she just showcased at recently concluded Showcase 2012 also and the dismal state of the collection could be attributed to exhaustion and creative saturation.

Hammad ur Rehman:

      Drawing inspiration from Tharparkar district of Sindh and the rich desert culture. The collection started of nicely with the rich colour play, summery hues, sheer undertones and subtle embroidery but as the looks kept coming to runway, the embroidery got heavy and apparently designer relied too much on the cultural references without imparting his touch.

       Overall, it was a beautiful collection with extremely wearable pieces and some articulately constructed dresses with innovative and unconventional forms but its high time that designers start to realize that its time to shed the cultural references and stop playing  the predictable culture card and come up with new innovative ideas and look beyond the boundaries of nationalist themes (truck art, independence day) for inspiration and broaden their horizons.


Ali Xeeshan:

     Ali Xeeshan is a designer of proven talent and uncanny potential. With all his previous collection, he has proved strength of his vision, uniqueness of his aesthetic and shown what a maestro he is when it comes to construction. His collection named “Bano Rani” inspired the trials of a women who has gone through highs and lows.

     He opened the show on strong pitch, showing simple kurtas and knee length dresses in vibrant shades of summer and puffy sleeves depicting sheer understated luxe and comfort. The pieces shown were of tremendous quality, had amazing wearability value and were stylish in true Ali Xeeshan sense.

       And while he started on such strong note, he went ricocheting back to his notorious insane, experimental pieces which were equally beautiful and shows the raw talent of the genious that Ali Xee is, I still feel PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is a trade event, with buyers and press form entire Pakistan and even abroad. As important as it is to stick to your sensibility and not compromising on you aesthetic, designers should understand the importance of showing edited, ready-to-wear clothes that are not only wearable but also cover a designer’s creativity. With business expanding, its high time that these young designers start showing clothes that are wearable and ready-to-wear without compromising on their vision and aesthetic.



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