Style Watch: Met Gala 2012, Part 1

     One of the most anticipated fashion event of the year, Annual Metropolitan Museum of  Gala was held in NewYork yesterdya, here’s a roundup of what stars wore to the ball:

Gywneth Paltrow in Prada

Gywneth wore a Prada ice blue satin dress to the Gala, Miss Paltrow rarely gets it right on red carpet and this ones doesnt seem much right either. There is a lot wrong with this dress, fabric is cheap, colour is not impactful and the length and shape of dress is confusing.

Beyonce’ in Givenchy Couture

   It was on of her first red carpet appearance post birth, the two tone colour effect is a a nice touch and the feather train is providing enough drama that one wishes to see at Met Ball red carpet but nothing earth shattering. Nicely done overall.

Diana Kruger in Prada

Midnight blue colour is gorgeous but it gets weird as we move south, ostrich feather bordering is an eyesore, we expect a lot more from someone of the likes of Diana Kruger.

Carey Mulligan in Prada

There was a lot of Prada at the Met Gala and have to say, this was one of mu favourite ones, the colours of the dress aresimply breathtaking and neckline is cute and how adorable are those hair!! Bravo girl.

Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney

     That’s how you do pretty without taking monumental risks, kinda surprising and a fuss free dress considering it comes from McCartney, but its a job well done, she looks ethereal.

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana

   Jeweled shirt is simply beautiful but it seems as if the tulle skirt has been simply taped to a mini dress, the transformation is very sudden.

Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen

Its granny looking, the shape is flattering but its Florence Welch, when did she sport a look on red carpet without any of the two characteristic mentioned before.

Kristen Stewart in a Balenciaga

Over complicated dress and casual hair looks like a disaster, its Met gala girl, wear a gown, save these monstrosities for one of your zillion premieres and promotions.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Its cute and quirky but not a Met Gala dress and hair looks a bit messed up.

Rihanna in Tom Ford

Dress looks fierce, Rihanna is pulling every inch of it off. not feeling black Louboutin peep toes and toes hair with look but overall, its very Rihanna esque edgy.

Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

Its pretty and all but when you gawk for 2 seconds at the feather train, it looks like a hairy mess.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino

Ballsy choice and she is working it, a bit wrinkled but deserves all the praise for taking a chance with a full sleeved floral gown.




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