Lux Style Awards 2012 Nominations: Model of the Year (Male)

     Jury selected four models in Model of the year (male) category unlike the norm that is five. Here are the nominees:

(From L-R) Waleed Khalid, Abbas Jafri, Kashif Deewan, Iffy Zafar

Who will win: (predicted) Strongest contender of the four in my opinion is Abbas Jafri, Abbas has caused quite a stir in fashion circles of Pakistan with his rigged and coarse macho looks and his uncanny resemblance to Jesus, he was the face of Republic – a Best Menswear Designer nominee – for their Fall/Winter 2011 campaign, he is a fashion week regular and has an identity of his own unlike a lot of other male models whose personality are always overshadowed by the attires.

Who should win: (My pick) I don’t have a particular favourite among these four, Waleed Khalid is too inexperienced to win it yet, Iffy has already won it twice, Kashif Deewan looks like a promising model and strongest contender other than Abbas unless LSAs wants to award Iffy third time in a row, here it is to be noted that if Iffy wins this year too, he will join Ameer Zeb Khan as the only other model to have won an LSA thrice but I would rather have someone else take the trophy home to break the monotony. Kashif Deewan has that starling resemblance with a young Hugh Laurie, he has a very gifted and photogenic face.

   Let’s see in whose favour the tide turns?

Snubbed: I was quite surprised to not find Mohammed’s name in the list, Mohammed is one of the most prominent model in the fashion industry right now and is face of various brands and campaigns, the jury should have selected him as the fifth nominee, another major snub is Abdullah Ejaz, Abdullah along with Iffy is undoubtedly senior most mode still in business. Its disappointing to see jury overlooking these two.

Abdullah Ejaz and Mohammed


2 thoughts on “Lux Style Awards 2012 Nominations: Model of the Year (Male)

    • sarah says:

      kashif deewan is the most handsome model in the fashion industry n his name is in the nominations .thanks to the jury………

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