Lux Style Awards 2012 Nominations: Best Emerging Talent in Fashion

     Here are the nominees for Best Emerging Talent in Fashion for LSA 2012:

Akif Mahmood (Designer):

Azeem Sani (Styling and Photography):

Mohsin Ali (Designer):

Nadir Feroz and Maha Burney (Styling and Photography):

Zaheer Abbas (Designer):

            Its a strong mix of designer, pleasured to see Akif Mahmood, Zaheer Abbas and especially Mohsin Ai nominated, who was announced as a nominee last year by mistake but his name was later pulled out. I am quite a fan of Nadir and Maha Burney’s work, the husband and wife duo, surprised to see Azeem Sani’s name up there, not familiar with his work much but what can you say, jury knows better.

Who should win: (My pick) My pick is definetely Mohsin Ali, all three young designers nominated are the strongest of the new batch of young blood that has made mark in recent year or too but Mohsin is unarguably the strongest, I love work of Akif and Zaheer too but Akif relies too much on cultural references which has already been done to death on the runway though he does it best of all doing it. Zaheer’s signature is drapery and no one does it like him but he lacks the finesse and strength of design that Mohsin holds. Nadir Feroz and Maha Burney could be the other strong contenders, they have brought a complete new dimension to styling of fashion shoots, their whimsical play with colour and minimal illustrations in their shoots is completely different than same old indoor studio work using over the top accessories styled insanely yet senselessly everyone else’s been doing. The work Nadir and Maha have done with Labels is an example of their brilliance especially the shoots featuring Mahira Khan and Anoushey.

Who would win: (predicted) Apparetly, Mohsin Ali is the strongest of all too, he is a critics favourite, his fashion forward yet wearable  designs and usage of unconventional fabrics has garnered a lot of positive feedback from the press.


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