Lux Style Awards 2012 Nominations: Achievement in Fashion Design (Luxury Pret)

Here are the nominees:

Adnan Pardesy

Ali Xeeshan

Elan by Khadija Shah

Sania Maskatiya

Shehla Chatoor

Who should win: (my pick) Its a very tough call but judging strictly in terms of performance and quality, I think it should be Shehla Chatoor. I wasn’t a keen fan of her initial work but the way she capitalized the formal wear market of Karachi with her fuss free designs is quite impressive, her penetration into the market’s been steady and gradual and she stands exactly today where Sana-Safinaz were a few years ago. the only problem with her work is her begums-oriented designs and too much reliance  on conventional design elements but her most recent Fashion Pakistan Week collection is anything to go by then her future looks very prospective.

Who will win: (predicted) Biggest hurdle for Shehla Chatoor to win could be her lack of innovation and fashion forward designs. When it comes to unconventional designs and fashion forward trousseaus, nobody’s work has paralleled Fahad Hussayn and he in my opinion is a hot favourite to take home the prize.

Snubbed: Its so surprising to see Sana-Safinaz being overlooked in this category, the are one of the pioneers of luxury pret or evening wear as I like to call it and this is one of their primary markets.


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