Coke Studio: Boys and their style affairs.

    Over the years, Coke Studio has turned into an annual festival, a celebration of Pakistani music and its diversity. Every summer, best of the upcoming and current lot of singers come together and produce and present the best of Pakistan’s regional and pop music in a live performance format televised and aired on all major Pakistani TV channels.

   While no one can doubt Coke Studio’s stature as benchmark of Pakistani music at the moment and its standing as one of the most watched and followed show, it has also given us the best and most stylish of our musical stars turning up in their best getups. Over the course of its 5 seasons, we all got to see some of the best fashion on our TV screens. Case in point is Meesha Shafi.

While her Season 3 Coke Studio debut can be regarded as her official arrival onto the musical landscapes of Pakistan, it was her Jugni duet with Arif Lohar that made the majority of her current fans notice her surreal voice and her dynamic personality, it was her uber stylish looks that made the fashion watchers declare her as one of the most stylish celebrities of Pakistan. The fan following that she holds today and her image of being the most stylish and illustrious celebrity is much thanks to her sane and fashion forward choices in the style department.

   Current Season 5 has been mostly about the boy bands and male leading singers of the industry. So we take a look at which male star wore what in the first 4 episodes of  Coke Studio Season 5 that have been aired by now.

   From established stars like Atif Aslam and Bilal Khan to relatively unknown names like Qayaas and SYMT, Season 5 has been all about the boys. For newbies like Umair Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal, opportunities like this should come as a very useful platform that they can use to bolster their image and form a base to launch their career as a pop star and any clever person with a sound knowledge of the dynamics of how the industry works would know that it all lies in the image and talent and good vocals alone is not enough to guarantee anyone fame and commercial success and while these boys were spectacular with their vocals, there performance on fashion front is nothing to write home about.

Umair Jaswal in Episode 1 of Season 5: When you belong to an unknown band from Islamabad and you get a chance to perform with the biggest superstar of the country on the most coveted platform, you don’t go wearing a simple t-shirt, just not the way to do it.

While Uzair Jaswal’s renedition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s classic was swooning, his black velvet blazer was a very safe choice, he could have done better.

Haroon Shahid of SYMT: What’s with these boys and black?? A little colour wont kill ya!! Take some risks.

    Unlike these newbies, stalwarts like Atif Aslam and Farhad Humayun were a breath of fresh air and a treat to watch. There fashion choices were a direct reflection of their self-belief and confidence in their talent and their genre of music. Bilal Khan was equally impressing.

Bilal Khan in an Ammar Belal sherwani

       Bilal Khan has never disappointed with his choices in the style department, for his second stint on Coke Studio, he went for a black military style embroided sherwani from Ammar Belal’s King of Pop Collection shown at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in 2010.

Ammar Belal’s Monarch Sherwani – King of Pop Collection, 2010

   The embroidery on the sleeve and the front detail makes his costume a statement piece. A job very well done.

    Atif Aslam being the star that he is has appeared in a variety of very interesting looks, from a turbaned Baloch sardar to a simple Imran Khan esque Salwar kameez with a coat, he has has shown tremendous diversity with his looks.

     But among all these singers, the man who has emerged out to be the most stylish of them is Farhad Humayun. The leading singer of Overload has truly shown himself to be one of the most stylish male celebrities I have seen in a long time. From the headsets with embedded Swarovsky crystals to hot red leather pants, he has been a stunner throughout the season.

    While all of his looks from the one with crisp dress shirt with paneling on the collar to the bohemian look with the muffler and emo glasses have been spectacular, but it was in episode 3 when Farhad Humayun shone like a true fashionista.

     All of his outings been a treat to watch and he’s been an amazing style revelation in the current season of Coke Studio. Here’s an anatomy of his looks:

 He’s been seen supporting some very cool headphones with Swarovsky Crystal embedding. The headphones according to Farhad Humayun are by Sony custom made for him.

Farhad’s cutom made Sony headphones with Swarovsky Crystals

    His most interesting look has been his episode 3 look where he donned very hot red leather pants, it was such a fresh breath of air to see him going down that path and kudos to him for daring with that look, here’s the lowdown:

Farhad Humayun in episode 3 of Coke Studio

   Pants are by an unknown label that were bought by him from Camden Town in London. Jacket is by popular Japanese retail brand Uniqlo while the t-shirt is by Parisian brand Sisley and shoes are Bally.

Uniqlo Leather Bomber Jacket

   The entire look screams rockstar and that is exactly what Farhad Humayun is, after seeing his stint on Coke Studio and his zany taste in clothing, I just hope we get to see more of him on Page 3.

Photography Credit: Kohi Marri


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