Mohsin Ali’s new line “Sin” for The Designers

        When you are talented and as creative as Mohsin Ali, opportunities and possibilities for you are endless. you don’t need rigorous marketing campaigns, faux hype or massive establishments to get your business going, all you need is work hard and strive for exposure.

        All this above eulogy is in regards to Mohsin Alis’s new line for multi designer store The Designers  titled “Sin”. Sin is all about easy, elegant ready to wear while still having a lot of fun. This line is being produced in collaboration with Asad Tareen, owner of The Designer thus saving the young designer from going through the hassle of sampling, production and shipment. This is exactly what Asad Tareen described as the motto of this very commendable initiative in an interview to Instep i.e. to produce affordable line in collaboration with new and upcoming talented minds who cannot afford the cost of mass production facilities. Mohsin Ali is the first in line and if reports are to be believed, Akif Mehmood is next in line.

       I am short of words to describe what a bold move it is on part of Asad Tareen and how beneficial it is going to be for the fashion industry in the long run. Anyways, moving on, today’s ‘Instep on Sunday’ featured few looks from the “Sin” line and they are absolutely fantastic. Fresh summery prints, breezy colours and intricate and flawless construction is what should describe it and from what we are seeing, it looks very very promising. Also, initial batch of “Sin” has already hit The Designers in Dubai and final touches are being put for “Sin” line in Pakistan. Have a look at the first few glimpses of “Sin” yourself and be the judge:

Credit :  Instep on Sunday, The News


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