Amina Sheikh at New York City International Film Festival

    Model and actress Amina Sheikh adorned various looks during her Red Carpet appearances at the recently concluded New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF)

    Her movie Seedlings (Lamha) was screened at the festival and played the lead role opposite her husband Mohib Mirza and picked up an award for Best Actress in a Lead Role. Here’s what she wore over the course of the 8 day festival.

Kamiar Rokni

    Dress is from an old collection of Kamiar Rokni and he has shown the dress at fashion weeks more than once. The applique on the dress is beautiful and olive green is a stunning colour to be worn on red carpet. Only flaw is that the dress is a bit too on the bridal wear side.

Kamiar Rokni at PFDC Fashion Week, 2010

       She made another appearance in Elan’ by Khadija Shah. This time she got is very right. The dress is from a recent collection, photographs very well and she carried it with elan’, pun intended. This is the same dress that Shehrbano Taseer wore to Lux Style Awards, 2012 and Khadija Shah herself has been spotted wearing.

Elan by Khadija Shah

Elan’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, 2012

        And finally, she wore a one-shoulder snake-skin printed gown by Maheen Karim. I am not a big fan of dress with brooches or of animal print dresses for that matter but Amina pulls it off magnificently using her super model skills to full force.

Maheen Karim

    Amina Sheikh is definitely one of the most well dressed people around, she knows her style well and pulls off any kind of looks tremendously.





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