Sunday Times Shoot: Sana Sarfaraz in Maheen Karim

    Sunday Times latest shoot features Sana Sarfaraz wearing Maheen Karim outfits in a Resort wear themed shoot styled by Maha Burney and Raana Anis Khan. Shoot features some kick ass styling and is one of the best shoots I have seen in recent times.

      Inspiration behind the shoot is ‘International Resort Shoots’ as Maha Burney puts herself and that explains the tanned luxe look. Its the accessorizing of the shoot that made me swoon. Fierce shoes and edgy jewellery sets it apart from the usual shoots and lighting, photography and make-up is fantastic.

   Shoes are from Raana Anis’s styling closet, jewellery from Maha’s while bags are from Maheen Karim’s personal collection.

    Here’s what Stylist Maha Burney had to say about the shoot:

    “Inspiration was from international resort shoots.We wanted her to look tan & golden to compliment the colors of the clothes & water. Keeping with that color pallete of sun & tan as well as the gold flowers Maheen had woven into her collection we wanted to use gold accessories to really bring everything together. Raana & I style & brainstorm together picking each item for each look. For this shoot Maheen was really fun to work with & gave great input & ideas. Nadir was amazing in bringing everything together, he brought the vision to life on the day of the shoot. This shoot is truly the result of amazing teamwork. We all really enjoy working together which makes it easy to work as a team. Hopefully that shows in the work.” 

     My favourite look is the first one featuring Sana in white mini off-shoulder dress and purple sandals and one in turquoise skirt, contrasting between turquoise of the skirt and that of the water makes a delightful visual.

Photography: Nadir Firoz Khan
Styling: Maha Burney & Raana Khan
Makeup & Hair : Raana Khan
Designer: Maheen Karim
Model: Sana Sarfaraz


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