Hello Pakistan ‘Fashion Special’ September Issue

     As a fashion junkie, I was most excited by the news of launch of Hello! magazine in Pakistan. But I was a bit disappointed when I saw the first few issues and found it to be more about Life & Style and less about Fashion.

   It was after seeing some designer Nadya Shah on cover of their second issue when i stopped reading it. I mean I have been in touch with the fashion industry of Pa kistan for some time but had no idea who the hell she was. Anyways, their recent issues have shown quite a lot of improvement. First, it was reading my favourite design house Muse’s interview, then the Sonya Jehan cover was what restored my fate in Hello Pakistan.

   But it is their upcoming ‘September Issue’ launching tomorrow which has me all excited. It’s a fashion special issue featuring some of my favourites and most talented people from our fashion industry Asmaa Mumtaz and Maheen Khan and the cover with Mehreen Syed is simply enticing.

   Cover has been captured by the stalwart Tapu Javeri which makes it all the more exciting.

    But it was stylist Asmaa Mumtaz’s picture released today that gave me goosebumps. Dressed in a Elan by Khadija Shah dress, swamped between parasols of different colours, the picture is all I need to make me want to get my hands on this issue. I am a huge fan of Asmaa Mumtaz’s work and her preppy and youthful styling is what makes her incredible.


Elan by Khadija Shah, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, April 2012

Issue will be out in Karachi today and tomorrow nationwide. If you a fashion follower and have any interest in the world of styling and beauty then this is one must have fashion supplement for you.


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