PAPER Magazine New Cover: Original or Rip Off?

    Paper magazine is one of the best magazines being published in Pakistan. It’s a quarterly magazine and has featured personalities as varied as Imran Khan and Kamiar Rokni to Mahira Khan and Kiran Chaudhary on its cover. Their Fall issue cover was revealed today on twitter and it has singing sensation Ali Zafar on it.

     The cover is very quirky with blue graffiti in the background. Cover is an instant charmer, Ali Zafar makes up for a substantial cover star and its been done tastefully.

     But two words that instantaneously sprung up in my mind when I saw the cover were: “Daniel Craig” and “Esquire magazine”. Something seemed to be stuck in the back of my mind. I googled these two words and this is the image that came up:

Daniel Craig for Esquire, August 2011 issue

       Ok, I am not suggesting anything. For all we know, it could be a coincidence but resemblance between the two covers is uncanny so I will let you guys be the judge and decide whether it’s a honest coincidence or a rip off?

Be the judge yourself!


4 thoughts on “PAPER Magazine New Cover: Original or Rip Off?

  1. Rida says:

    wow, how unoriginal can u get! came across a one or two of their issues at a cafe & notices quite a few “borrowed” ideas. nothing very original tbh. o well! good post

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