PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week: Trends Report

(Published in Express Tribune on October 10, 2012)

     Bridal Week comes to an end, and wedding season is about to start. On the runway of four days of bridal week, trends emerged as designers presented their looks for the wedding season of 2012. The Express Tribune takes a look at the trends that will be big in the upcoming wedding season:


    Velvet was one trend that was seen in abundance on the Bridal Week runway and is touted to be huge this wedding season. Velvet has an innate trait to look showy and tacky if it’s overdone as displayed at the Hina Butt show, so the trick is to incorporate it subtly in your wardrobe and use accents in your look. Asifa and Nabeel used velvet most intricately and tastefully with models wearing beautifully done velvet sleeves and bottoms; Misha Lakhani did velvet lowers with a sheer overlay. Velvet as a fabric could also be used for just the blouse as Sonia Azhar did or as bordering on a sari or an angarkha as it was seen for Ali Xeeshan.



    A jumpsuit is the last outfit that comes to your mind when putting Pakistani bridals in perspective. But fashion is all about pushing the envelope and having fun while you are at it. From Nida Azwer to Misha Lakhani, designers offered plenty of jumpsuit options. To keep it ‘Pakistani wedding compliant’, the jumpsuit can be paired with a chiffon or net overall or with an embellished coat.


Mismatching colours:

   Gone are the days of having a head to toe look in a single colour. The fashion forward look is about mixing not matching. One trend that stood out was pairing a dupatta in a different colour as compared to the colour of the whole ensemble. A lime green silk dupatta with an organza jora or a tea pink with a green one is a striking look, and one that will make you look distinct from the rest of the crowd wearing conventional colours.

Shararas with broad embellished bridals:

   Embellished borders in a sharara or wide bottom pants were all over the bridal week runway. Models for Élan wore shararas with ethereal crystal work on the borders. This particular look dominated the Élan runway. The look can be worked by wearing a plain sharara in a light hue with a widely embellished border at the bottom underneath a long, heavily done shirt.


   Bridals are mostly about a three piece trousseau. But at this year’s bridal week, designers  offered more varied and diverse separate options. Instead of the usual blouse, gharara anddupatta combo, designers paired blazers with ghararas and net mukesh worked coats with pants and shararas. The look brought diversity, was fashion forward and is a lot lighter and easier to carry. There were plenty of bejeweled blazers, unstructured capes and embroided coats spotted at the Azza and Asifa & Nabeel show.


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