Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2012: The Lineup

    Fashion Pakistan Week, A/W (Ready to wear) kicks off tomorrow on October 21st in Karachi. 

      The line up look’s pretty interesting. It’s swamped with newer and younger upcoming designers and most of the established big old guns are taking a time-out. but the line-up’s has a lot of exciting names and all I want is good fashion, names and labels were never a big deal.

      Here is what to look forward to from each day, these are the names one expects to put up a good show.

DAY 1:

Sonya Battla: Battla does western cuts and works with a lot of flowy, lucid silhouettes. It has an eastern flavour she doesn’t let orthodox traditional drapes and lengths creep into her work, its strictly modern. Sleek, sharp and clean looks can be guaranteed at a Sonya Battla presentation.

Kuki Concepts: Kuki innovates and always take the road less taken. His work is very unorthodox but his attempts at unconventional sometimes turn out to look a bit outlandish and spunky but it’s always interesting and won’t bore you.

Wardha Saleem: Her clothes are energetic and vibrant and she does colour very well.


DAY 2:

Arsalan and Yahseer: Very talented menswear designers, they do ethnic and earthy very well. But there strength lies in separates specially jackets but when move elsewhere, there work looks like a crude joke. They really need to edit their collections better and strengthen their aesthetic and for God’s sake, don’t make those damn suits again.

Zaheer Abbas: Ok, so Zaheer is talented and is a master of chiffon drapery. We got it, no can we move on and see some practical ready to wear pieces and please no more of those drapes and chiffons, show us what else have you got.

Adnan Pardesy: Best couturier of Pakistan in the non-bridal category. Expect nothing short of brilliant.

Sanam Chaudhri and Baani D are promising too judging by their previous work.

DAY 3:

Mahin Karim: Never been a fan of Mahin Karim’s aesthetic but she is good at what she does.

Delphi: Absolutely love their work, so glad to see their name in that list. They do a lot of crochet and do it superbly. So looking forward.

Misha Lakhani: Most promising new name, her recent progress and work shows she is here to do business. Wowed everyone with her bridal week collection, she has a winner on hand if her pret collection is just as good as the bridal collection was.

Fnk Asia and Karachi 8 (lineup of designers that includes Maheen Khan, Shamael and others each showing a few looks) are the others to look forward to.


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