Sania Maskatiya ‘Wagah’ Collection

    Prints are always tricky, a little too much can instantly take things from classy to tacky. Add to that animal prints and you are on a very slippery slope.

     Sania Maskatiya is the queen of prints. Yes, I am just not saying this for the heck of it but really, really mean it. She started with ‘Dilkash’ print and before we knew it, it was talk of the town. Unlike others, Sania M just doesn’t rely on a single print to do the talking by smashing it on a lengthy, unfitted ensemble. Sania Maskatiya mixes most unconventional of the prints and always impart construction and drapery techniques to give their pieces shape and a characteristic unlike the plain knee length unfitted tunics we see in plenty.

      Other of her accomplishments is her sartorial use of animal print, she doesn’t use the usual leopard print but instead use images of animals in their prints which gives a very whimsical touch,  Hint: Burberry Fall 12 prints

          ‘Wagah’ collection is latest of her endeavours. Sania M might have just come out of child birth but it seems business as usual at Sania Maskatiya Inc. as they produce another breathtaking collection. Have a look at her Indo-Pak inspired  latest bonanza for Eid titled ‘Wagah’.

Photo Courtesy: ‘Instep on Sunday’ and Sania Maskatiya facebook page


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