Fashion Pakistan Week: Day 1

    As many as 8 designers showed their collections on Day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week in Karachi on 21st of October. Most of the collections failed to leave any impression and were very weak on content. Here are the three best collections of the Day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week:

Sonya Battla:

     Most of Sonya Battla’s collection consisted of one shouldered silk dresses.  Collection was constructed mainly of silks in plain colours with a few screen printed looks here and there. Collection was all about Battla’s signature clean cuts, understated elegance, fluid silhouettes with a sleek lucidity seen throughout the collection.


      DnF acronym for Deepak and Fahad were the sole menswear designers of Day 2. DnF showed a collection based on keffiyah referencing to Palestinian freedom fighters struggle against state of Israel.

    Most critics panned the collection for using a very tired out and non trendy fashion accessory, it was their incorporation of Keffiyeh that made all the difference. While kaffiyeh is a very out of trend fashion accessory and is very circa 2007, DnF by using it as a construction fabric instilled a new life into it and their spin on ‘Keffiyeh’ was quite smart. From skirts to shirt trimmings and pockets to shoulder panels made out of ‘Keffiyah’, DnF’ infused the print in profusion in every piece. The idea was brilliant on paper but the execution wasn’t 100%.

      Collection despite being experimental and fashion forward, mostly consisted of very wearable looks that any men with a little affinity for style would love to wear.

Wardha Saleem:

       Wardha’s collection was an explosion of funk. Jumpsuits, sarees and skirts; Wardha did colour and went all the way. Collection had a folk theme running throughout, it was cohesive, well thought out and provided a range of options. Wardha just keeps getting better and better with each collection and she known her craft and her aesthetic well.

Image Courtesy: Catalyst PR


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