Fashion Pakistan Week: Day 2

     Day 2 of fashion Pakistan Week turned out to be the strongest of the three days as younger yet proven lot took to the runway to show everyone how it’s done. Creative, fashion forward and wearable – it was a delightful day of glorious fashion.

    From Sanam Chaudhri’s collection employing Shibori (Japanese techniques of dyeing) to Zaheer Abbas’s ‘Samurai-esque’ styled collection and Adnan Pardesy’s Collection mixing Rilli with Origami pleating techniques, designers looked east for inspiration. Day 2 had strong influences of Japanese culture and crafts.

Sanam Chahudhri:

    Sanam C’s collection was all about dyed prints and Japanese reds. Displaying a variety of pieces, it was a collection rendered Japanese in full essence by using the Shibori technique of dyeing, constructional details and strong styling. Jumpsuits, maxi dresses, harem pants, coat dresses, palazzos and long skirts; collection showed diverse range of options. And Maha Burney’s styling was icing on the cake, her expertise was vividly at display throughout the collection.

Zaheer Abbas:

       It takes a ton of confidence to put a minimalist monotone collection with astute embroidery on a runway. Some of the most established names can’t dare to pull of such a feat. But talented young AIFD graduate Zaheer Abbas dared and his confidence was palpable in every piece. Stepping away from chiffon (and thank God for that), he put forward a pure ivory coloured collection  with intricate embroided details and sheer sleeves made of cotton. Signature Zaheer Abbas cut and flow was a recurrent theme. Entire collection oozed of romanticism, it was Zaheer’s most mature collection yet.

Adnan Pardesy:

     Axiomatic – bringing craft of ‘ralli’ to life in bright colours and employing weaving, pleating techniques to create an amalgamation of textures. It was Adnan Pardesy – the couturier – at his very best. Collection was a breath of fresh air and it’s such a treat to have his master ship back on display on the runway after almost an year.

     While the colours gave collection a character of their own, it was the intricate textures that he created by manipulating various techniques that reminded everyone why we all missed him.

If that’s not Couture than what is?

   While manipulation of fabric to create texture is his primary skill, his use of colour comes at a close second. It was one of the best collections of this season of Fashion Pakistan Week and definitely my favourite out of about 29 collections that were shown over the course o three days.


Photo Courtesy: Catalyst PR


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