PIFD Thesis Display at PNCA, Islamabad

      Pakistan Institute of fashion design (PIFD) can be unarguably regarded as the best fashion institute in the country. With alumni list boasting of commercial achievements like HSY, Nomi Ansari, visionaries like Maheen Kardar of Karman, Kamiar Rokni, Ali Xeeshan and young guns like Mohsin Ali and Akif Mehmood; PIFD has many success stories to be proud of.

      PIFD has organized a thesis display of it’s 2012 graduating batch at Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad from Oct 25th to Nov 22nd. Display contains stunning creations by the talented students of PIFD with some unaltered, unedited creativity at display. Exhibition showcases selective work from Deptt. of Fashion Design, Textile Design, Furniture Design and Jewellery Design & Gemological Sciences.

Here is an insight into what’s at display at the exhibition:

Department of Fashion Design:

MARVI: Character of a Sindhi Folk Tale


Snowy Owls and Native American Culture:

PRESEPHONE: The Goddess of Seasons

ALEPH O ZAHIR: Diversity and Unity


Man Machine:

Department of Textile Design:


Woven Cacti:

    Exhibition will continue till 22nd November at PNCA. I strongly recommend all fashion and art lovers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to give it a visit. Check PIFD facebook page for details.

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Photo credit: Shok-e-Tamasha by Mahmood Ahmed Quddusi


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