Republic Winter 2012/13 Ad campaign by Abdullah Haris

   Omar Farooq is an artist as every fashion designer should be but onslaught of commercialization has smudged the art in fashion to some extent and most of Pakistani designers are still struggling to strike a balance. But Omar Farooq – Creative Director of Republic – is one man who has held on to his creative guns and never let go of his peculiar touch.

        Republic’s Winter Ad campaign is a testimony to that. Collaborating with another artist par excellence – photographer Abdullah Haris – Fall/Winter 2012/13 Ad campaign is a visual delight. Campaign depicts a strong undercurrent of agony, anguish and distress thorughout the images. A lot of menswear designers from Munib Nawaz to Ismail Farid have tried their hands at this insurgent, rebellious meets revolutionary theme with their work but nobody has excelled in it like Omar Farooq.

   Republic man is strong yet socially conscious and brutalities of world and injustices of the society bothers him and leaves him afflicted and tormented from inside.



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Image Credit: Abdullah Haris


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