Najwa Imran at Pakistan Fashion Week, London: Inspired by Sania Maskatiya?

    Although, recently concluded Pakistan Fashion Week in London turned out to be quite a success, there weren’t many collections that are worthy of a review.However, this one designer Najwa Imran’s collection caught my attention in particular and the reason is it’s striking resemblance with Sania Maskatiya.

   Have a look:

Sania Maskatiya ‘Uraan’ Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in April, 2012

    Prints are very different but cuts, drapes and silhouettes are so Sania M’askatiya though the final look lack the finesse and finish of Sania’s designs and prints are no match to Sania Maskatiya’s prints. Sania is a popular name among expats and I can see why any designer would be lured into copying her unique aesthetic. I will let you guys be the judge of whether it’s inspired or just a coincidence.


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