Style Showdown: Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper

Hollywood’s hottest commodities – both literally and metaphorically – Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling attended New York premiere of their upcoming film “Place Beyond the Pines”.

Ryan Gosling in Gucci & Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford

Ryan Gosling wears a dark green Gucci velvet suit with a knitted tie while Bradley Cooper favours a Tom Ford look comprising of a striped tie, micro-check dress shirt and a three piece.

As for the question of who won this round. Cooper does deserve browny points for pattern mixing but there’s just no competing with Gosling in Gucci.


'The Place Beyond the Pines' New York PremiereRyan+Gosling+Gucci+Place+Beyond+Pines+RC+Tom+Lorenzo+3

It’s definitely a no brainer, you can’t go against Gosling in a simple black suit. The man is practically oozing coolness.

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