Abdullah Haris’s latest artistic endeavour

  My love for Abdullah Haris’s work knows no bounds. That man is an artist in the truest sense. Never seen him compromising on his aesthetics, he always does things his way whether its a simple product shoot or a OTT editorial. (Exhibit One)

    When it comes to fashion photography I always like it whimsical and sartorial. It always shows when the photographers bring creativity and a twist into their work. Abdullah Haris is definitely the name that comes to mind when it comes to doing things unconventionally. Came across this shoot by Abdullah Haris recently on Facebook. Its for a designer named Saira Shakira. Never heard or seen this designer before but its amazing what Abdullah has done with it.

  The shoot plays on contemporary glamour with a pinch of pop culture references thrown in. My favourite look is the Look no. 4 ‘Paparazzi’ shot. Facial expressions, lighting, tagline; everything going on in that shot is perfection. Have a look at the shoot:




485374_520098821369935_223052968_n 67851_520100081369809_716879916_n



Brand: Saira Shakira
Model: Neha Ahmed & Jehan e khalid.
Photo Courtesy: Abdullah Haris Facebook page

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