Adnan Malik at ‘My Punjabi Love for You’ video launch

    Adnan Malik is one guy who knows his fashion well. He is definitely one of the better dressed people on celebrity sphere and in social circles. At the launch of Bambu Sauce’s ‘My Punjabi Love for You’ video that he directed, he looked very on trend in a sports blazer, a cotton pocket square and a webbed leather belt.

    Adnan Malik at 'My Punjabi Lovefor You' video launch    From navy blue chinos to brown plaited leather belt and military hair to white cotton with black border pocket square; everything’s right in place. Only thing I have a little issue with is the unpressed shirt, it’s not looking very flattering. Wish he went for a crisper shirt. The rest is perfection.

   Here’s a breakdown of his look, I am not sure what brands he is wearing but here are pieces similar to his wardrobe.

ASOS Plaited Belt

ASOS Plaited Belt

I am particularly in love with his hair That military quiff looks very  athletic, young and sporty without looking overly boyish.

adnan malik quiff

Job very well done. More of this please.

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