Spring Wardrobe Essentials: The suede desert boot

   Trend talk is passe’. Fashion is all about exploring your personal style but if there was one item that you can swear by for spring, it is the ‘Suede Desert boot’.

(Pic courtesy gq.com)

(Pic courtesy gq.com)


It has come as a breath of fresh air into menswear market. Suede texture is a welcome respite from all those leather pointy shoes and you can play with the colour and texture. This shoe is heaven sent.

Suede Desert Boots by Topman, $92

Suede Desert Boots by Topman, $92

If you are going for the desert shoe, go for a semi-casual attire; ditch the socks and pair the boots up with a casual dress-shirt and a pair of jeans or a coulourful chinos. It is the ultimate preppy hipster look.


Apparently British royal family is quite a fan of the suede desert boots and younger Prince Harry has been spotted a couple of times wearing them.

Prince harry 2


X-Factor UK judge Gary Barlow has been spotted wearing them as well.


   There’s just no beating the Brits, is there?

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3 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe Essentials: The suede desert boot

  1. Hi Usman,

    I really appreciate your efforts here but personally I think the desert boots are completely unsuitable for the Pakistani Spring/Summer. While I love their versatility, I would leave them aside for the cooler weather.

    Take care

    • Agree with you on but I think they are quite wearable in spring season and even in summer nights….in any case many of us do have to wear closed shoes in summers so why not wear something stylish like dessert boots instead of tired-old sneakers.

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