Aamna Aqeel’s racist photoshoot

   Remember Sana Safinaz’s Lawn promotional campaign from 2012 that spurred a lot of controversy for featuring a coolie carrying Louis Vuitton baggages. Well, this latest promotional photo shoot by Aamna Aqeel makes the Sana Safinaz ad look like a mole.

     Aamna Aqeel’s shoot that was publihed in Diva magazine as an advertisment features some very disturbing racial images, it features a young dark skinned man dressed as a slave serving a very snooty mistress. While pictures themselves are quite derogatory, shoot comes with the tagline ‘Be my Slave’ which adds insult to the injury.

      Beautiful-Shoot-Of-Aamna-Aqeel-In-DIVA-Magazine-2013-1 Beautiful-Shoot-Of-Aamna-Aqeel-In-DIVA-Magazine-2013-3 Beautiful-Shoot-Of-Aamna-Aqeel-In-DIVA-Magazine-2013-4 Beautiful-Shoot-Of-Aamna-Aqeel-In-DIVA-Magazine-2013-5 Beautiful-Shoot-Of-Aamna-Aqeel-In-DIVA-Magazine-2013-6For those who don’t know, Aamna Aqeel is a newbie designer who made her debut at Fashion Pakistan Week last month. Her collection recieved very good reviews and I for one liked her collection as well. But this shoot disgusts me. Playing with such an insensitive theme in a country where racism and bonded labour are critical issues is not acceptable or aesthetically pleasing by any means. You can be fashion forward and push the envelope but above pics are simply tasteless and offensive.

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