Lux Style Awards 2013 Nominations: The hot contenders


Now that Lux Style Awards nominations are out, speculations as to who is hot favourite in each category have started. Everyone is predicting winners and vouching for their personal favourites. Here are my two cents on the matter:

Model of the Year (Female)                         

Amna Ilyas


Cybil Chowdhry

Mehreen Syed

Rabia Butt

     Nominations are exactly similar to last year’s. My personal favourites in this category are Cybil and Rabia Butt. They have got looks, they have been consistent and have amazing persona. Both have been doing very well both on runway and in photo shoots. If anyone can challenge them, it’s Amna Ilyas and I see this one going to her. She has really made her presence felt in 2012 and now stands as one of country’s top model at the moment. Here petite figure and dusky complexion gives her an extra edge. My prediction is that Amna Ilyas will be taking the trophy home this year though you still cant rule out possibility of any of the other nominees taking this one home.

Model of the Year (Male)                            

Abbas Jafri

Ather Amin


Shehzad Noor

Waleed Khalid

     My personal favourite is Shehzad Noor but Waleed Khalid seems to be the most likely winner. As for last year’s winner Abbas Jafri, frankly speaking at this point I am a bit tired of his looks.


Best Fashion Photographer

Azeem Sani

Fayyaz Ahmed

Guddu Shani

Nadir Feroz

Rizwan ul Haq

       I want to see Nadir Feroz winning this one, he has done some amazing work in 2012 and was definitely designer’s favourite. Guddu Shani could challenge him.

Best Hair and Make-up Artist                                  

Creative Team at Nabila

Creative Team at Tariq Amin

Juju Haider & Shammal Quraishi at Toni&Guy, Lahore

Maram Azmat & Abroo Hashmi

Raana Khan

     Hands down, this one should go to Juju Haider & Shammal Quraishi at Toni&Guy, Lahore; they have soared to amazing heights in a matter of no time and quality of their work is par excellence.  Maram Azmat & Abroo Hashmi lacks the finesse while Raana Khan isn’t as strong as other nominees. Nabila and Tariq Amin are the gurus but it’s time someone else wins this category.


Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret       

Shehla Chatoor

Iman Ahmed at Body Focus

Khadija Shah at Elan

Maheen Karim

Sania Maskatiya

       Shehla Chatoor is definitely the strongest of above five in luxury pret category. Her evening wear has a signature of its own and she has a very strong and loyal client base who always ensure good coverage for her. Elan by Khadijah Shah would be her strongest competition.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

Feeha Jamshed

Iman Ahmed at Body Focus

Sanam Chaudhry

Sania Maskatiya

Wardha Saleem

     A very talented and young lot of designers but no one can boast of both strong retail presence and supremacy of design like Sania Maskatiya can, this one’s definitely hers for the taking.

Best Menswear Designer     

Ahmed Bham

Amir Adnan

Ammar Belal

Ismail Farid

Republic by Omar Farooq

     Menswear has been quite a disappointing affair in 2012 and this is reflected in the nominations. Last year’s winner Republic is strongest of the lot but he hasn’t been very active in last year. Ammar Belal moved to New York last year and has been absent, don’t remember the last time I saw anything by Ismail Farid making the news. Ahmed Bham has a long way to go. Never been an Amir Adnan fan, he might have the stores across the country but all he does is make sherwanis and kurtas which works well for him but don’t think is enough to qualify to win an award.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

Khaadi by Khaadi

Mahnoush by Arjumand Amin

Orient by Deepak Perwani

Sana Safinaz by Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer

So Kamaal by Elan

    Sana Safinaz are the most likely winners but my vote will go to Elan by Khadijah Shah, her last year’s lawn was one of the best of the season. She has intoduced some great diversity to designer lawn category and has made quite a mark for herself.

Best Emerging Talent

Misha Lakhani (Women’s wear designer)

Abdullah Haris (Photography)

Natasha’s Salon (Hair & Make Up Artist)

Saima Azhar (Modeling)

Sana Sarfaraz (Modeling)

   I am torn between Misha Lakhani and Abdullah Haris on this one. Both have done amazing work in 2012. Abdullah Haris is a creative genious and never compromises on his craft while Misha Lakhani has established a niche for herself in no time. If I had to predict a winner I would chose Misha Lakhani, Abdullah Haris might be a bit to too arty for judges taste and his lack of commercial appeal might not play in his favour. His work is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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