LSA 2013: Lux Style Awards Red Carpet wish list (Part 1)

   12th Lux Style Awards are around the corner. Scheduled for first week of July, show returns to city of Lahore after almost 9 years. So expect a lot of Lahori masti and Punjabi liveliness at this year’s edition.

     Also, Lahore’s sense of dressing is much more interesting and enjoybale than  that of Karachi. Dressing up is a festive ritual for Lahoris, their dressing is more pompous, more showy and they take it way more seriously than anyone else does. So, LSA Red Carpet is going to be quite an interesting affair this year.

    You see inspite of multiple fashion weeks, an endless brigade of designers and no dearth of resources; LSA Red Carpet always has more than it’s fair share of faux pas and hideous looks. Whenever I am going through an awesome collection or see a beautiful gown on runway, I cant help but wonder why cant our celebrities wear creations like these to the red carpet.

So I compiled an assortment of some of the looks straight from the runway that I would love to see on LSA Red Carpet.



But most spectacular of Adnan Pardesy’s collection was this one shoulder gown worn by Nadia Hussain in most beautiful shade of purple.


Dramatic hemline and intricate embroidery, this Asifa & Nabeel gown belongs to a red carpet.


This cream coloured gown by newcomer Mahgul Rashid is an embodiment of understated glamour and feminism. Will be a good choice for LSA Red Carpet.


I am short of words to eulogize Elan by Khadijah Shah’s Collection. You can have not one but several Red Carpet events solely on this collection.


The colour palette, oriental images, studded cuffs. There is just no way anyone can go wrong with this Elan’ Collection.


And then there was the showstopping finale gown.

These Layla Chatoor dresses have substantial red carpet appeal. A little tweaking, right accessories and you have ethreal looks at hand.


Sana Safinaz have always been wizards when it comes to doing red carpet glamour. These looks are just a little testament of above statement. And colours are judt as delicious as summer fruits.


Speaking of colour, Subime has always been an expert at that. Stand out citrus and neon shades in this scorching summer will definitely be a red carpet hit.

  I am not even half way done yet. Dozens of more looks to come. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Lux Style Awards Red carpet wish list.

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2 thoughts on “LSA 2013: Lux Style Awards Red Carpet wish list (Part 1)

  1. I had the Elan showstopper on my mind as well! I love the looks, but I don’t think we have a lot of celebrities who can carry these on the red carpet so well. But let’s hope to be surprised! And hope it beats the red gown Fayezah Ansari wore and won the best dressed on the red carpet once!

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