Lux Style Awards 2013: Style Supplement’s Best Dressed List

Left for a five day trip to north on the next day of Lux Style Awards where there was no cell coverage let alone Internet access so couldn’t cover LSAs on the blog. But I believe in a policy of ‘late better than never’ so here’s my two cents on 12th Lux Style Awards Red Carpet.
LSAs were held in Lahore this year so as expected, red carpet was full of glitz and glamour. Shehla Chatoor dominated the red carpet as most of the stars were spotted wearing her pieces. Élan, Sania Maskatiya and Deepal Perwani were some of the other designers spotted.
As for the celebrities, Mahira Khan was clearly best dressed of the night in a dress from Élan by Khadijah Shah’s latest collection. I was rooting for that dress to make it the red carpet and there was no one better than Mahira to pull it off.

Best Dressed:

Amina Sheikh and Ali Xeeshan were declared best dressed male and female on the red carpet by the jury.

amina sheikh (FILEminimizer)

If it were me, I wouldn’t have chosen her as best dressed but she does look great and I can get behind the idea but it is the best dressed male award that I cant wrap my head around.

Ali Xeeshan

He looks like a pirate who borrowed a suit from his cousin in Toba Tek Singh to attend LSAs. The fit is bad, shirt seems ruffled and pants need hemming. No idea who was on the jury that selected him as best dressed but I am pretty sure they have no idea how the fuck menswear works. (sorry for using profanity but I am quite flabbergasted)

StyleSupplement’s Best Dressed:

As for my personal favourites, let’s start with the men. I think there were tons of men who looked far better (and saner) than Ali Xeeshan but if I had to pick one I would choose model Waleed Khalid as the best dressed male on the red carpet.

Waleed Khalid r (FILEminimizer)

I am not sure whom he’s wearing but it looks like HSY. Camel colour, narrow tie and that white peeking pocket square wins it for me. This look is so GQ appropriate which I consider a style bible.

Nubain Ali, Hamza Tarrar and Shehzad Noor (who won Best Fashion Model [Male]) would come second on my list. Kamiar Rokni looked good too.

Hamza and nubain (FILEminimizer)

As for the ladies, to me Mahirah Khan was hands down the best dressed female on the red carpet. Not only her Elan by Khadijah Shah dress was gorgeous but she pulled it off perfectly.

Mahirah Khan w (FILEminimizer)


Feeha Jamshed in a canary yellow gown and Amna Illyas in black Shehla Chatoor dress would come second.

Feeha Jamshed r (FILEminimizer)


Amna Illyas (FILEminimizer)

I really liked Humaima’s choice as well but it was a bit too obvious. Spectacular nonetheless.

Humaima (FILEminimizer)


Image Credit: Catalyst PR and Faisal Farooqi @ Dragonfly

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3 thoughts on “Lux Style Awards 2013: Style Supplement’s Best Dressed List

    • ali hassan says:

      No dear khalid waleed saba qamar ayyan saima azhar were best dressed ha eik english means foreign model bhi thi Lsa mein do you know who is she

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