Best of Winter Sales

Being an avid fashionista, I am always on the look out for discount offers and sales and I have no shame in admitting that I love a good bargain. Anyways, all the high street brands are having their end of season winter sales right now and there are some pretty good stuff available at slashed prices. So I compiled a list of pieces from a plethora of outlets that are must have. Have a look and let me know what you guys think.

Outfitters – Rs. 3145

There are probably a million biker jackets in the market right now but this one is definitely the coolest of them all.

Urban Culture – Rs. 2355

Geometric pattern and an array of delicious colours, this sweater is a must have.

FA 1323

Fifth Avenue – Rs. 1323

Button downs are very in trend right now. This one in particular caught my fancy, it’s simple and dapper. Pair it with a simple pair of chinos and a t-shirt and you have got yourself a very decent look.

Ombre denim shirt-845

Fifth Avenue – Rs. 845

Denim and ombre, don’t even think twice.


Outfitters – Rs. 1395

My favourite look for sure. Contrasting sleeves won it for me, it looks so simple yet this this shirt has such great character.

Tan biker jacket 4893

Fifth Avenue – Rs. 4893

As I said before, there are a million biker jackets out there but if you wanna go for any, get this one. Coarse finish brings in the edginess and great use of contrasting colour has been made. And the best part is it’s in a shade of tan which discerns it from all those black jackets everyone is wearing right now.

two tone sweater 1746

Fifth Avenue – Rs. 1746

Simple and effective not to mention very economical as well.

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