Street Style – “The way we fancy it”

DSCN1821n1Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first few glimpses of our street style endeavour. You all loved the teaser I shared last week so here’s the rest of it.

Here’s how it went down, I had been itching to experiment with the idea of styling and composing a head to toe look and street style is something that has always fascinated me so I invited my partner in crime, Mahmood Quddusi of Shok-e-Tamasha, to join me in exploring the realms of styling and photography.

We used barely enough clothes (which by no means are the best we can put up for display), made weird poses and came out with a bundle of photographs which I am sharing with you. 

Pictures shared below compose of our first attempt. The ones following will hopefully be not only better in quality but richer in content too.

P.S. We used ourselves as subjects. We are very self aware of our lack of model like good looks so please be nice 😀 It’s not that I would mind a comment or two on the appearance but remember, clothes and head to toe look are the subjects in discussion here. 

DSCN1802n11 (2)

Lately, I have been obsessed with pocket squares. They are so fun and it’s so amazing how a little piece of fabric can jolt up the entire look. My advice: If you are going for a pocket square, choose one that will stand out and garner attention, go for preppy colours and snazzy prints.DSCN1816n11

It’s the little details that make the difference.
DSCN1846n1DSCN1878n1 DSCN1895n1

Blue and brown makes one of the chicest menswear combo ever. DSCN1924n11

And then we flew in style….DSCN1935n11


And then some more…
And I couldn’t miss out on all the fun!

Please share your unabated and uncensored opinions in the comments section below.

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