Lust List

Being a fashion lover, I love shopping. Hunting for bargains, looking out for arrival of new stocks is what I do in my past time. So, I am starting this new feature on my blog where I will cover some of the best separates, accessories and one-off items that are currently on sale.

You always see celebrities and general pieces wearing stylish pieces but you are left wondering how to get your hands on those pieces so this feature will be a peek into all things stylish that you can buy without any hassle or hunting. Have fun and let me know what you think!

Skull faced bracelet by Forest Blue, Rs. 650
Bought this in brown last week and it’s so much fun, it is a single strap and long enough to be form three layers on your arm. Can be bought here or at Forest Blu Outlets.
All Inc Brown Leather Laptop and Utility Cover Rs. 5500
All Inc Brown Leather Laptop and Utility Cover, Rs. 5500
Rugged, handsome and handy; just what you need to compliment your office needs. Can be bought on
Forest Blu - quilted jack Rs. 3740
Quilted Leather Jacket by Forest Blu, Rs. 3740
Winters are leaving or have already departed in many cities but his jacket is a great investment to make for next season. At it’s slashed sale price, it’s a terrific bargain. Can be bought here or at Forest Blu Outlets.
Forestblu Rs. 1250
Buffalo Print Shirt by Forest Blu, Rs. 1250
Plaid is cool and this black and white number in buffalo print is best of them all. Wear it casually or you can even put a coat on it, it will compliment both casual and semi-formal look pretty nicely. Can be bought here or at Forest Blu Outlets.
The Leather Crafts Brown Browve Casual shoes - 4128
The Leather Crafts Brown Browve Casual Shoes, Rs. 4128
I love the idea of shoes that are stylish and you can put them on with little hassle. These brown loafers are half as slick as they look in the picture, just go for them. Can be bought on
toy-watch-toycruise - black and silver
Black and Silver ToyCruise Toy Watch, Rs. 19,680
I love toy watches and this black and silver one with a plaited canvas strap is a beauty that will go with every look. Can be bought on
TSM Brown-beige Boston chukka boot Rs. 10000 - 2
TSM Brown-beige Boston Chukka Boots, Rs. 10,000
That’s a very risque colour combination but one that works like a tee and suede texture adds to the beauty of these boots. Can be bought on
tayyab-bombal-geometric print tie Rs. 1280
Tayyab Bombal Geometric Print Tie, Rs. 1280
You can swear by Tayyab Bombal ties, some of my favourite and most complimented ties came from Tayyab Bombal’s design house. Can be bought on

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