Fawad Khan in Republic by Omar Farooq at 2nd Hum TV Awards

Fawad Khan attended Servis 2nd HUM TV Awards in a double breasted bold pinstripe Republic by Omar Farooq suit. 

1 (76)

For those who don’t know, Fawad Khan recently joined Republic as their brand ambassador. 

I am absolutely in love with the look. You cannot go wrong with double breasted suits. Bold pinstripe shows it’s just not another off-the-mill suit but some thought was actually put into it. Red sherbet tie provides the pop of colour but off course it’s Fawad Khan’s raw, charming good looks that makes this entire look so dapper and suave.

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Photo Credits: Ahsan Qureshy, PR Dept. HUM Network Ltd.


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5 thoughts on “Fawad Khan in Republic by Omar Farooq at 2nd Hum TV Awards

  1. With the persona Fawad Khan carries he can pull off any look…I personally believe the same suit looks better on Omar of Republic by omar Farooq. Omar has a broader athletic physique with a rugged look on the face where as Fawad after reducing weight has shrunk a lot to wear stripes anyway. He still managed to look the best among all the others dressed up as Dulha’s…lol..kudos…I like your eye for the brands 🙂

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