Jahan-e-Khalid in Nomi Ansari at 2nd HUM TV Awards

2nd HUM TV Awards were quite high on style quotient in the menswear department. There were so many looks that I want to share on my blog. There was Fawad Khan bringing the house down with his double breasted suit which reminded me of Don Drapper. 

If Fawad Khan was in charge of handling the suave and draper side of menswear then Jahan-e-Khalid was in charge of keeping it fun and quirky and what better way to do that than with an ensemble from Nomi Ansari’s vibrant and frolic collection at Fashion Pakistan Week.

Jahan E Khalid (2)


Jahan-e-Khalid wore a silver metallic blazer, pinstripe pants with studs on the side and wingtip brogues from Nomi Ansari’s latest collection.unnamed (1)

The look was eccentric, quirky and full of fun. It was such a breath of fresh air to see a man wearing something as unorthodox as this on the red carpet.

1 (38)


He was nominated in ‘Model of the Year’ category and he won so he had all the right in the world to outshine everyone(both metaphorically and literally) , it was his night.

Photo Credits: Ahsan Qureshy, PR Dept. HUM Network Ltd.


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3 thoughts on “Jahan-e-Khalid in Nomi Ansari at 2nd HUM TV Awards

  1. To be honest..when I first saw jahan-e-Khalid wearing this look I instantly hated it…but now that I have seen Shahzad Noor trying to pull it off on the ramp, my votes have certainly gone up for Jahan. It probably was a bad picture of him released earlier…It certainly requires a lot of guts for such goddy bling…

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