Best Dressed Men of the Month – April



Here’s a fresh batch of best dressed men as part of Style Supplement’s Best Dressed of the Month Series. As a principle, I have decided not to feature female looks in this category and dedicate it solely to menswear.

Month of April saw a flurry of some great events and launches from PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week to HSY store launch and more.

This month seemed to be all about sharp suiting, tailored blazers and best of eastern wear. Take a look and let me know your favourites.

Abdullah Ejaz wearing HSY (1)
Abdullah Ejaz in HSY at the launch of HSY flagship store in Lahore. Intricate embroidery on that sherwani style jacket shows HSY’s prowess at traditional eastern craftsmanship. Pants don’t go with the look but the sherwani more than make sup for it.
Batur wearing HSY (2)
Batur wearing HSY – Now here’s a man who knows what he is doing. Batur’s all black look is one of the best I have ever seen from him. Studded sneakers was a great touch. Don’t miss the leather details on the trench.
Ammar Belal (2)
Nothing pleases me more than a Pakistani man pulling of a well tailored suit in an unconventional avatar. Ammar Belal double breasted cobalt blue suit is swoon worthy. But it’s the slip-ons, canvas belt, the pocket square and the tie bar that wins it for me.
Shammal Qureshi wearing HSY jacket
Shammal Qureishi in HSY – Another man who always impresses with his uncanny style. Love the colour on that jacket. Brownie points for the mirrored aviators and the hairdo.
Ammar Belal
Another Ammar Belal look. Pairing a retro t-shirt with that suit is pure genious. Love the shade of the tie.
Haider Abbas Mirza
Haider Abbas Mirza – I see no point in wearing a tux at the fashion week. But if a man pulls it off this good, I am all for it.
Kamiar Rokni (2)
Another one of the few guys who knows how to rock a preppy, dapper suit look. Great contrast of black coat with steel grey pants. Those shoes are making me envious.
Naeem Haq wearing Gul Ahmed
Naeem Haq in Zara Man – That’s how you do print. Enough to garner attention but not so much that you end up looking like a clown. Shiny golden shoes seems like a bit too much with this look.
Umair Mirza
Umair Mirza in Emraan Rajput – Another all black look. Loving Umair’s jacket; the print, black piping on the borders. It just works.
Waleed Zaman (3)
Waleed Zaman – Another man whose personal style makes me wanna do better with my own. What a well put together all eastern look. Waist coat is so decent yet so youthful and peculiar. And those Peshawari chappal are just amazing.
Maryam Shafaat, Emmad Irfani wearing HSY
Emaad Irfani wearing HSY. Now it won’t be a Best Dressed List without Emaad Irfani. Emaad’s blazer with HSY’s emblem on the pocket is a look that needs nothing in support.
Yildirum Butt in HSY jumpsuit. One of my favourite pieces from HSY’s Fashion Pakistan Week collection. Has some fit issues but great piece nonetheless.
Kamiar Rokni
Kamiar Rokni – Striped and suave. Not feeling those shoes though.


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4 thoughts on “Best Dressed Men of the Month – April

  1. Except Emaad Irfani, most of them are looking like desperate attempts at fashion … Can’t get the point of skipping socks, wearing t-shirts under suits.. Jumpsuits for men .. Inmates wear those for god sake !

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