Best Dressed of the Month – June

I skipped the Best Dressed of the Month feature last month because unfortunately there weren’t many looks worth writing about and it’s better to wait for good content than doing a half assed job.
But this was the month of Men’s Fashion Week in London, Pitti Uomo &¬†Paris and there was a flurry of amazing looks that deserve a mention. Let’s have a look.

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Ali Zafar’s Pakistan Idol – Grungy and groovy

Ali Zafar’s look in Pakistan Idol anthem song is how rock stars ought to dress. Who ever came up with this look did a fabulous job. Grungy, groovy and edgy – exactly how one fancies rock stars to be. His red jacket features a mesh of safety pins attached all over its shoulders and sleeves and is designed by Jazib Qamar.



ali zafar 1507883_10153626941685026_550851414_n


All I wanna say is I hope we get to see more of this fashion savviness in the music industry in general and among the men in particular.

Update: Ali Zafar’s hair and makeup were done by N-Gents. Thank you Aamir for the info.

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PAPER Magazine New Cover: Original or Rip Off?

¬† ¬† Paper magazine is one of the best¬†magazines¬†being published in Pakistan. It’s a¬†quarterly¬†magazine and has featured personalities as varied as Imran Khan and Kamiar Rokni to Mahira Khan and Kiran Chaudhary on its cover. Their Fall issue cover was revealed today on twitter and it has singing sensation Ali Zafar on it.

     The cover is very quirky with blue graffiti in the background. Cover is an instant charmer, Ali Zafar makes up for a substantial cover star and its been done tastefully.

¬† ¬† ¬†But two words that instantaneously sprung up in my mind when I saw the cover were: “Daniel Craig” and “Esquire magazine”. Something seemed to be stuck in the back of my mind. I googled these two words and this is the image that came up:

Daniel Craig for Esquire, August 2011 issue

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Ok, I am not suggesting anything. For all we know, it could be a coincidence but¬†resemblance between the two covers¬†is uncanny so I will let you guys be the judge and decide whether it’s a honest coincidence or a rip off?

Be the judge yourself!

Lux Style Awards 2012: Green Carpet, The Boys

¬† ¬† ¬†So, they rolled out a Green carpet instead of the usual Red at 11th Lux Style Awards. The concept was first improvised at IIFA and Lux followed the trend, we¬†don’t¬†care what colour a carpet is as far the celebrities walking on it are dressed to their nines.

      Green Carpet was filled with some very unfortunate fashion choices and some celebrities (read Mathira) were a walking case of fashion faux pas. While the girls were not exactly dressed to impress, the boys at Lux Style Awards Green Carpet were looking sharper and suaver than ever before. Lets take a look:

Ali Zafar:

      Wearing a Republic by Omar Farooq two-piece suit with a wide leather lapel, one-button blazer and black textured tie, fabric of his suit was very fine and spoke for itself. His black suit was a major win win and in such an event where majority of men do a black suit this is how you stand out among others while still wearing a black suit. It shows the tremendous upholding of quality and excellence that Omar Farooq has shown with his band Republic. Cant express how much I love the lapel and the fine fabric, way to go.

Umair Tabani:

¬† ¬† ¬†And here’s Umair Tabani, brother of designer Sania Maskatiya and business savvy manager behind her very successful and popular brand. Umair is wearing a tux by Republic and walked away with the Best Dressed Male prize, he looks very suave and debonair and his good looks helps too. We approve ūüėÄ

Kamiar Rokni:

¬† ¬† Republic boys were out in full force that night, here’s Kamiar Rokni who donned a suit by Republic with a houndstooth lapel and a knitted tie, a very popular international trend right now. The combination’s very smart and tie provides a much needed dose of colour to the overall understated look.

Ali Safina:

¬† ¬†Geo TV’s blue eyed boy and nominee in Best Actor category Ali Safina wore a suit by Arsalan and Yahseer and Giorgio Armani shoes. Geometric pattern on the blazer makes up a visually delighting sight but he is ruining the look with the very shiny tie and satin shirt, colour are all wrong too. Had he wore the same colours in a less shimmery fabric, it would have been perfect. Still credit for¬†at least¬†trying a local label instead of going for Zara or Ralph Lauren.

Tapu Javeri:

    Ace photographer and always very well draped Tapu Javeri turned up in a black Balmain suit with a parrot green Christian Lacroix tie, talk about going French. As it is with black suits, they can very easily look monotonous and boring in an event like LSAs but pairing it up with such a jubilant looking tie made the difference here and he surely stood out from the rest of the crowd. Thumbs Up!

Omar Farooq:

¬† ¬† And here’s the man himself with his beautiful wife. Omar Farooq is wearing a magenta tux and proving who’s the boss to all the boy stars when it comes to dressing.

His wife is looking equally chic in a Muse dress.

At the end of the day, all I can say is Thank God for Republic, God knows how much our male stars needed a man like him. Republic won a very well deserved award for Best Designer (Male) and LSA Green Carpet was itself a testimony to that man’s brilliance.

Lux Style Awards 2012 are here: Lowdown and inside scoop


¬† ¬†So, Lux Style Awards are back with all their glitz and glamour, main event is going to be held on 10th July in Karachi. Amid, all the hype and buzz that is surrounding the event, biggest news to come out of it is the live coverage of the event, for the first time in 11 years, LSAs will be live webcasted and save one from the ordeal of waiting for the event’s television broadcast for months.

     Link for live broadcast is here.

   A lot of pre-event rumours about performers and attendees are surrounding the event. I went through tweets and blogs of some prominent journalists, editors and bloggers and here are few of the confirmed and unconfirmed information:

¬† ¬† Biggest rumour making rounds as per Xpoze’ Editor-in-Chief’s sources is that Katrina Kaif is flying in for promotion of Lux for the main event, the rumour however remains unconfirmed.

   Among other news, Ali Zafar and Mathira are confirmed performers, also BNN Boys will be attending too as per fashion journalist Aamna Haider Isani.

   Event is being produced as per usual by Frieha Altaf of Catwalk Productions while PR is being managed by Catalyst PR.

     Frieha Altaf has been sharing pictures form LSA rehearsals and going by them, other performers include Meera, Sana and singer Adil Omar.

For more details and minute by minute action from the event: follow fashion industry insiders Aamna Haider Isani, Muniba Kamal and Andleeb Rana Farhan on twitter.