Tapu Javeri launches ‘Tapulicious 2’ in Karachi

Ace photographer Tapu Javeri launched his second book ‘Tapulicious 2’ last week in Karachi.

e-invite Tapulicious

With supermodel of yesteryears Aminah Haq’s bronzed face perched on the cover, the book is a collection of rare images that Tapu has captured over last 2 decades. Book is priced at Rs. 2500 and is available at Liberty Books. Let’s take a look at what everyone wore to the launch event.

A guest at the launch in one of 'Gulabo by Maheen Khan' most popular truck art print.

A guest at the launch in one of ‘Gulabo by Maheen Khan’ most popular truck art print.


Farishte & Aamna Isani

Fareshte Aslam of Unilever in a Karachakra print by Tapu Javeri scarf with fashion journalist Aamna Haider Isani who wrote the captions for ‘Tapulicious 2’

feeha Jamshed

Feeha Jamshed in a dress from her collection shown at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week last month.

wardha saleem

Rubya Chauhdry and Maida Azmat, both wearing Wardha Saleem’s ‘Doodle Junction’ collection shown last month at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

Pictures Courtesy: Catalyst PR

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PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, April 2012: Looks from the Red Carpet

Sara Shahid of Sublime and Express Tribune Life & Style reporter Hani Taha, Hani wearing Shehla Chatoor jumpsuit.

Sabene Saigol, editor Libas International in a Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2012 printed top.

Lux brand ambassadors, Reema, Meera and Humaima Maillick in desperate need of a stylist.

Khadija Shah wearing a bejeweled colour blocked top from her label Elan' .

Fashion journalist Aamna Haider Isani in a Khaadi Khaas print from PSFW, Oct 2011

Ammar Belal and Amina Haq, both clad in Ammar Belal's collection "Reunion 2012"

Jessica Bumpus, British Vogue Features Editor in Fnk Asia Jacket from PSFW, Oct 2011 Collection.

Faryal Yousaf in her label, Muse.

Andleeb Rana Farhan in Shehla Chatoor and Kiran Chaudhary in Sania Mastakiya

Shehrbano Taseer in Elan' outfit and Gucci heels.

Photo Credit: Faisal Farooqui and the Team @ Dragonfly via Lotus PR

10th Lux Style Awards, 2011: Red Carpet

     So after putting up a dismal and uneventful show for the last two years, LSAs finally returned with all its glitz and glamour. Glamour quotient at this year’s show was not as high as its previous outings but overall the celebs put up a good show strutting down the runway wearing luxurious designer couture worth thousands of rupees. Lets get down to business pronto and have a look at what everyone wore and how well they did on the style front!!

  Starting with host, Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan in Deepak Perwani

            She didn’t do a very good job with hosting but she looked absolutely gorgeous in all her looks. Blue was the colour of the night with a lot of girls showing up in flowing blue silk gowns.

She looked equally ravishing in her other looks.

       A lot of celebrities faltered when it came to makeup and styling but Mahira’s styling looked effortlessly glamorous and complimented her every outfit. Ayaan on the other hand was a demo of bad-styling, her makeup was grasping for attention and orange lips with the curly hair looked overdone.

      A lot of celebrities including best-dressed of the night Amna Ilyas, Frieha Altaf and Aminah Shiekh wore Fahad Hussayn.

      Amna Ilyas was declared best dressed female celebrity of the night. She did look flawless, very LSA appropriate glamorous still her gown seemed a bit too complicated for a red carpet appearence. In my opinion, Amina Sheikh was more deserving of the best dressed award.

          It was more of a signature Fahad Hussayn dress than Amna Ilyas’s. The gown had a very Alexander McQueen avant garde aesthetic touch. Understated makeup and silver jewellery were the right choices with the dress.

           Aminah Haq and Ammar Belal are unarguably the most stylish couple of Pakistan. They are red carpet regulars and their presence on red carpet always take things to a whole new level.

Aminah Haq and Ammar Belal, both in Ammar Belal

   Aminah Haq wore a fawn coloured gown while Ammar Belal supported a retro tux from his latest ”Disco Inferno” PFDC Collection. Nude colour doesn’t look very well on people with lighter skin tones but Aminah Haq rocked that look with perfect accessories and makeup. This look could have been a serious contender for best dressed on red carpet had it been not so understated. But Ammar’s 70’s look was definitely one of my most favourite look from the night.

Worst look from the women’s side was Mathira’s

              Animal print is the worst possible option for a red carpet affair like LSA’s. It is vulgar and tacky but then vulgar and tacky are Mathira’s signature style so we can’t argue on this one.

        From the TV fraternity, two women that really impressed me were Sahira Kazmi and Savera Nadeem, both were wearing Sana Safinaz and looked stunning yet not too flashy.

Sahira Kazmi and Savera Nadeem both in Sana Safinaz

Bushra Ansari in Umar Saeed

         Bushra Ansari has a lesson to learn from Sahira Kazmi. Sahira Kazmi looked glamorous without flashing any skin which would have looked very age inappropriate for someone of her age group. Bushra Ansari’s Umar Saeed ensemble was very beautiful but she needs to realize that her age of wearing sleeveless on red carpet is long gone. Its not an issue of modesty, its an issue of looking at your best and flashing your skin if you don’t have a perfect figure is not the way to go to get that.

     Other notable mentions include Feeha Jamshed and Frieha Altaf:

Frieha Altaf in Fahad Hussayn and Feeha Jamshed

          I am absolutely in love with Feeha Jamshed’s personal style, she always look uber glamorous and chic. Frieha Altaf was one of the many wearing Fahad Hussayn on that night. Black and Gold always make a very luxe combination and her golden accessories are doing absolutely the same here.

     While most women turned up in standard gowns, some went the unconventional way wearing non contemporary colours and taking big fashion risks. Nabila being the style icon that she is went the high road and her risk surely paid off:


      Most disappointing fare of the night for me was the best dressed male of the night, HSY. Journalist Hani Taha and Xpoze’ editor Andleeb Rana judged the red carpet. Hassan Shehrayar Yasin was declared best dressed male but his attire was a major disappointment. They were so many chic looking men that night, I fail to understand logic behind choosing   him as the best dressed of the night.


      He doesn’t look bad, the problem is that he looks boring as hell. This suit is as standard as it could get, there is no wow factor. You can find uncles wearing more fashion forward suits at weddings than this. There were so many draper looking men on red carpet that night like Ayaz Anis Khan, Ammar Belal, Taimoor Damas, BNN Boys. Decision of choosing HSY over of all those is a decision beyond my comprehension.

       But all in all, it was a decent affair, celebs have matured big time with their style senses, here’s hoping that next year’s event is bigger and better in magnitude.