Most Stylish Men of The Year – 2014

Evolution of menswear style in Pakistan hasn’t been at par with womenswear but one can take respite in the fact that it is evolving though at a more sluggish pace then one would want it to.

2014 saw emergence of some delightful red carpet fashion in menswear department. While old guns continued their commendable performance in style department, a lot of new stars got a chance to shine as well thanks to more opportunities/awareness in general and a significant increase in red carpet appearance in particular.

Style Supplement takes a look at stars who were an absolute delight to watch on the red carpet and wowed everyone with their style quotient. Here’s the list of some of most stylish men on the red carpet.

6.Adnan Malik

Adnan Malik has been the most consistent of the stylish men lot. Whether it’s a fashion week red carpet or a simple, subtle launch, Adnan always dresses for the part. His blazers in particular have been slick, stylish and right on trend with their florals and windowpane patterns. 

Adnan Malik at FPW Adnan Malik in Ahmed Bham

5. Kamiar Rokni

Dapper meets sporty is the best way to define Kamiar Rokni’s style. Whether its the slickly cut jackets, orange knitted tie or a punchy pocket square, he brings it every single time. 

kamiar-rokni_512x768 Kamiar Rokni Kamiar Rokni (2)

4. Shammal Qureishi

Simple and to the point. Mirrored aviators, flower lapel pin or a woven plaited belt; Shammal is very good at making minimalist, statement making details work. 

Shammal Qureshi wearing HSY jacket Shammal Qureishi at Toni & Guy Launch Redah Misbah and Shamael. Redah Misbah & Shammal Qureshi

3. Emaad Irfani

Whether its the HSY emblem jacket or a sharp two button suit, ex-model Emaad Irfani has always complimented his exceptionally good looks with equally stylish clothes. 

Maryam Shafaat, Emmad Irfani wearing HSY Mariam and Emad Irfani

2. Ammar Belal

Most experimental of the lot and a personal favourite, Ammar has been one to watch out for. It’s amazing how he make a t-shirt under suit look work so well. The double breasted electric blue blue jacket on the other hand is a collectibles item.

0232941001397898881pfdc_2014_day_1_redcarpet_spotted_11 0040914001397901524pfdc_2014_day_2_redcarpet_spotted_14

1. Fawad Khan

This was no-brainer. Fawad Khan shone on all fronts in 2014 whether it’s the silver screen or the big screen but it’s his red carpet looks that excited me the most. Fitted waistcoats, striking pocket squares, well tailored suits; he has undoubtedly been the most stylish male star of 2014.  

fawad fawad lux 2 fawad 1 f3 f1 (78)






Cover Galore: Xpoze’s Turkish editorial with Aamna Ilyas in Sania Maskatiya

Xpoze Magazine’s June editorial, shot in beautiful city of Bodrum in Turkey, features supermodel Aamna Ilyas in Sania Maskatiya’s resort wear ‘Aghaaz’ Collection that was shown at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Lahore in April 2013.

936815_403208546459915_57924638_n     Sania Maskatiya’s resort wear collection fits beautifully against the backdrop of scenic Turkish city. Dress adorned by Aamna Ilyas on cover happens to be my favourite piece from the collection.

     Resort wear uptil now has just been an excuse to sell more clothes but Sania Maskatiya’s ‘Aghaaz’ collection does feel like it’s supposed to be worn on holidays. These clothes are relaxed, stylish as hell and goes with the location. The very same reasons which make this editorial quite a delight.

Here are rest of the pictures from the editorial:

xpoze 2

xpoze 3

xpoze 4

xpoze 5

xpoze 6


Photography by Tapu Javeri (Bodrum, Turkey) and Team Dragonfly at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, 2013

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Lux Style Awards announces nominations for 12th Lux Style Awards.

  LUX Style Awards is probably the only fashion event to look forward to in summer the on local radar. Nominations were announced for 12th edition of the awards this week.

LSA 2013 logo

   These nominations cover performances of 2012. Awards will be held sometime in summer and grapevine is that the event will be held in Lahore this year. Here are the nominations for the fashion category:

Model of the Year (Female)                         

Amna Ilyas


Cybil Chowdhry

Mehreen Syed

Rabia Butt


Model of the Year (Male)                            

Abbas Jafri

Ather Amin


Shehzad Noor

Waleed Khalid


Best Fashion Photographer

Azeem Sani

Fayyaz Ahmed

Guddu Shani

Nadir Feroz

Rizwan ul Haq


Best Hair and Make-up Artist                                  

Creative Team at Nabila

Creative Team at Tariq Amin

Juju Haider & Shammal Quraishi at Toni&Guy, Lahore

Maram Azmat & Abroo Hashmi

Raana Khan


Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret       

Shehla Chatoor

Iman Ahmed at Body Focus

Khadija Shah at Elan

Maheen Karim

Sania Maskatiya


Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

Feeha Jamshed

Iman Ahmed at Body Focus

Sanam Chaudhry

Sania Maskatiya

Wardha Saleem


Best Menswear Designer     

Ahmed Bham

Amir Adnan

Ammar Belal

Ismail Farid

Republic by Omar Farooq



Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

Khaadi by Khaadi

Mahnoush by Arjumand Amin

Orient by Deepak Perwani

Sana Safinaz by Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer

So Kamaal by Elan



Best Emerging Talent

Misha Lakhani (Women’s wear designer)

Abdullah Haris (Photography)

Natasha’s Salon (Hair & Make Up Artist)

Saima Azhar (Modeling)

Sana Sarfaraz (Modeling)


Watch this space for a detailed dissection of the nominations.


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Menswear: Amp up your wardrobe

   (Published in Express Tribune on October 31st, 2012)

   Trends for women in Pakistan are evolving to a more modern look with newer style aesthetics. A growing herd of designers fueled by the flourishing fashion industry, expansion of nationwide retail brands and a flurry of fashion weeks all promise that the future for women’s wear in Pakistan looks brighter than ever.

   But if there’s one department that is still lacking, it’s the menswear department. Men are still reluctant to experiment with fashion and are hung-up on stale and monotonous ways of dressing. Even the ones with an affinity for fashion and an interest in looking stylish eventually go for the safe and unexciting looks that do no wonders for fashion evolution. Redundancy and stagnation in fashion is equivalent to death; it’s all about jazzing up your look and having fun with it.

Here’s how to make a few changes to your wardrobe and go from boring to stylish.

Upper: Layer it up

   Winter is a wonderland for clothing! It’s all about how well you layer your outfit. Beat the cold in style with a leather jacket and wear a knitted piece inside to look chic. A coloured knitted sweater or a woolen cardigan will not only keep you warm, but it will accentuate your style indefinitely.

   Of course, you can wear dress shirts in casual avatars too. Get a sleek, fitted dress shirt; roll up the sleeves up to the elbows, pair it with a trouser and voila — You have a sharp semi-formal look for a night out. Experiment with prints, gingham and stripes which are all the rage right now.

   In the tees department, go for graphic t-shirts with statement prints and illustrations; plain tees are absolutely no fun. Get rid of your dull ones, and get yourself some t-shirts with your favourite superheroes on it.  Before stepping out, pair it up with a structured jacket or a blazer and you have a winner on hand.

Pants: Get out of the blues

   When it comes to pants, the trend in Pakistan goes no further than jeans with colours limited to shades of blue. Chinos are formidable alternatives to jeans; with a similar look but slightly different in construction.  They are normally made of cotton with a tapered hem. Chinos are ankle length so you won’t drag them under your feet (as most youngsters are seen dragging jeans leaving them torn and jarred).

Chinos by Fahad Sheikh available here

   Play with colour, ditch the blues. Burgundy, black, camel and navy are colours that are safe yet trendy. The privilege of choosing a colour opens up a whole new set of options for pairing and styling.

    Advice: Never go for the drab unfitted pants or for super tight, body hugging jeans for that matter — keep it structured and fitted but leave some space for breathing too.


   Keep in mind that wrap around bracelets, watches with canvas straps, plaited belts and leather flaps make a stylish man. Bandana wrist bands and shiny steel watches with gold plating do not.

   Use your accessories to punctuate your look! Don’t follow the herd with the unconventional look. There’s no need for a Rolex watch to look good; a slim watch with a colourful canvas strap will do the job better. If you are a bracelet guy, a simple leather wrap around will define your personality and anchor your look.

Shoes: Ditch the sneaker

The rule of fashion is that it remains fresh and cool as long as it’s unique and exclusive. It can become redundant and out of date the moment it becomes too common or over used. Similar phenomenon has occurred with sneakers and canvas shoes also. It might be time to scrap your boyish shoes for more masculine and grown up footwear options like leather and suede shoes. Suede is an amazing footwear option; it gives a decent look while keeping the edginess. Another direction to go forward would be to explore lace-less shoes like moccasins and loafers; have fun with colour and texture but refrain from looking like a 15-year-old boy.

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Fashion items that made it big

    Countless collections, accessories and clothing lines have been churned out over the course of last 10 decades since fashion went viral and became a mammoth billion dollar industry post World War II.

     While documentation of all items made at the name of fashion is an implausible endeavour, there were always certain iconic fashion items that made their mark and went down in history as a fashion legends themselves. These were the items that not only found tremendous popularity in the fashion and the outside world alike but went on to becoming the milestones and benchmarks in the event of fashion evolution.

      Givenchy’s Little Black Dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Chanel’s iconic 2.55 leather bag, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Canvas bag and Manolo Blahnik’s Something Blue Satin Pumps that Carrie Bradshaw sported in the movie Sex in the City are some of these timeless goodies.

(L-R) Chanel 2.55, Manolo Blahnik Something Blue pumps, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bag

      On the home front, while we are yet to see a creation in fashion world take the nation by storm like these above items did but still over the years especially the last two, we have witnessed certain accessories, prints and designs gain widespread appreciation and accepted and gaining tremendously popularity at the retail stores, on the red carpet and with the fashion media.

     Lets have a look at some of these items:

Dilkash Print by Sania Maskatiya:

          Sania Maskatiya’s Dilkash collection created quite a buzz and she took the fashion world by surprise with her creative take on ready-to-wear. Her aesthetic was fresh and off the mill and created quite a momentum appearing in various fashion spread and adorned by various fashionistas on the red carpet.

‘Dilkash’ print

(L-R) Event Manager, Coordinator Freiha Altaf, Publicist Selina Rashid Khan, Designer Sania Maskatiya in ‘Dilkash’ Print

Marilyn Monroe kurta by Ayesha Khurram:

      Ayesha Khurram is one of the many designers who are tremendously talented, have been in the business for about a decade yet keep very low-profile and stay out of the limelight doing their business quietly without any fuss or mass media advertising campaigns.

       Her first mainstream appearance was at Sky Showcase held earlier this year. Her delicate line of chiffon dresses and digital prints presented the ‘East-West’ fusion in the most creative and fashionable of the ways. But it was the white tunic with a digital Marilyn Monroe print that stood out the most.

Marilyn Monroe Kurta by Ayesha Khurram

          While her collection was picked up by Pernia Qureshi; designer, stockist and stylist who also happens to be the stylist of Sonam Kapoor. Within days, the Marilyn Monroe kurta was sold out.

Pernia’s Online Pop-Up Shop

But it was after Katy Perry’s picture with the acclaimed tunic emerged on twitter that the fashionistas and press took notice of this amazing creation. Kurta was sent as a gift by Pernia Qureshi to Katy Perry when she visited India.

Katy Perry with Ayesha Khurram’s Marilyn Monroe Kurta

From producers to writers, everyone made their fair share of money of Marilyn’s name but I have to say this was one the most delightful tribute to the most mysterious and celebrated diva of 20th century.


Sequinned Flag clutch by Mahin Hussain:

Mahin Hussain’s sequinned flag clutch is another accessory that has created quite a rave. Making a very patriotic fashion statement, the bag has found its way onto Page 3 various times.

Mahin Hussain’s Sequinned Flag Clutch

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy carrying Mahin Hussain Clutch





PFDC Sunsilk fashion Week S/S, 2012: The Best Looks

      So, the fashion weeks season is still a month or two away from starting and as I am quite bored of this lull surrounding our fashion industry, this lack of any exciting activity     has forced me to share with you best looks and trends from PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Spring/Summer, 2012 that was held in April this year.

     Since we are on this subject, the news is that PFDC has scaled down its annual activity from 2 to 1 ready-to-wear fashion week per year and instead replaced the Autumn/Winter show with L’Oreal Bridal Couture Week that will be held in October this year. Being a fan and believer in ready-to-wear being the crux of fashion, I am quite disappointed by this news. Besides, Pakistani bridal couture is ethereally beautiful but incredibly boring from a critical point of view.

     Moving back to our topic, here are the looks that had me in absolute awe, these are the looks and trends that are fashion-forward, wearable and represent the exact direction I would wish to see our industry move in. These are the looks that just clicked me and impressed me more than others.

Colour Blocking: The dopatta-less kurti look has been all rage this summer and this Karma tunic has colour blocking done to perfection. Its a perfect summer look for a casual hangout. Just lose the bow and replace pumps with a comfy and stylish but heel-less chappals and you are good to go.


Crisp White: I find nothing more stylish and timelessly elegant than a men’s white trouser. You can replace the sheer top with a light hued neutral coloured shirt. Casual sandals complete this HSY look. Though white trousers can totally work for a semi-formal attire too.


Sportswear: Crisp, tailored sportswear makes a fashion statement like no other. The v-necked jersey shirt, Pakistan flag polo tee and those lined three-quarter pants in the centre. Ammar Belal upholds his tradition of doing things no one else dares doing. This is fashion forwardness, atleast by Pakistani standards.



Simple Chicness: Critics weren’t really impressed by her collection but I found it to be absolutely beautiful well-made. This Zara Shahjahan kurta is one of my fav. numbers from her collection. What a smart use of print.


Two tone: For all stylish men who aren’t afraid to take risks, this two-tone Fahad Hussayn jacket is perfect amalgam of style and class. Absolutely beautiful!


Animal Print: Animal print has become quite a rage among seasoned fashionistas but Muse went an extra mile with an animal embellishment. The dress is sheer elegance and chicness. And polka dots trousers is quite exquisite and an item in itself. Both pieces can be worn as separates.


Kitsch: Kitsch is another trend that I would love to see trickling down to the street fashion. This was best collection by Karma ever.


Red Carpet Glamour: Okay someone please pack this HSY gown and ship it to all those starlets who turn up at Lux Style Awards in most hideous of the gowns. Why on earth did I not spot this dress on Lux Style Awards Red Carpet?


 Summer Cool: Another of my favourite number from Zara Shahjahan collection, bubbly, youthful and stylish as hell.


Mixing Prints: Any of these Kamiar Rokni pieces can be worn individually with neutrals too but that floral skirt is a beauty.


Colour Corollary: There’s something about these two Karma dresses, especially that kimono, a dress form we don’t see women wearing very often. And that block print on the fist dress is just delish.