Trends to take home from London Collections: Men A/W 2015

(Published in Instep, The News on 25th January, 2015)

Paris and Milan fashion circles may be replete with mammoth names like Gucci, Prada and Corneliani but fashion and style runs way deeper among the Brits and is not only limited to red carpet glitz and runway showmanship.

The best thing about British fashion sensibility is its adaptability and street value; style is something that comes naturally to Brits and is discernibly distinctive, effortless and devoid of gimmicks. It is no surprise that some of the most fashion forward menswear high street brands (ASOS, River Island and Topshop to name a few) and celebrated menswear icons (David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire, Eddie Redmayne and Colin Firth) hail from good old England. Brits are undoubtedly mavens when it comes to street style and it is for this primacy that their bi-annual menswear showcase London Collections: Men is the most cutting edge and fashion forward stop in the menswear fashion week European circle that takes off from London and ends in Paris.

One could write endlessly about the fashion on display at LC:M A/W 2015 but there were certain palpable trends in the four day showcase that could be identified by their malleability and relevance with our local fashion climate.

And since our menswear style game is still run-off-the-mill and average at best parting few exceptions, here are a few trends from the London runway that are do-able, gel well with the social norm and will definitely give you an edge over rest of the straight fit-jeans and hoodie wearing crowd.

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Najwa Imran at Pakistan Fashion Week, London: Inspired by Sania Maskatiya?

    Although, recently concluded Pakistan Fashion Week in London turned out to be quite a success, there weren’t many collections that are worthy of a review.However, this one designer Najwa Imran’s collection caught my attention in particular and the reason is it’s striking resemblance with Sania Maskatiya.

   Have a look:

Sania Maskatiya ‘Uraan’ Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in April, 2012

    Prints are very different but cuts, drapes and silhouettes are so Sania M’askatiya though the final look lack the finesse and finish of Sania’s designs and prints are no match to Sania Maskatiya’s prints. Sania is a popular name among expats and I can see why any designer would be lured into copying her unique aesthetic. I will let you guys be the judge of whether it’s inspired or just a coincidence.