Fashion items that made it big

    Countless collections, accessories and clothing lines have been churned out over the course of last 10 decades since fashion went viral and became a mammoth billion dollar industry post World War II.

     While documentation of all items made at the name of fashion is an implausible endeavour, there were always certain iconic fashion items that made their mark and went down in history as a fashion legends themselves. These were the items that not only found tremendous popularity in the fashion and the outside world alike but went on to becoming the milestones and benchmarks in the event of fashion evolution.

      Givenchy’s Little Black Dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Chanel’s iconic 2.55 leather bag, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Canvas bag and Manolo Blahnik’s Something Blue Satin Pumps that Carrie Bradshaw sported in the movie Sex in the City are some of these timeless goodies.

(L-R) Chanel 2.55, Manolo Blahnik Something Blue pumps, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bag

      On the home front, while we are yet to see a creation in fashion world take the nation by storm like these above items did but still over the years especially the last two, we have witnessed certain accessories, prints and designs gain widespread appreciation and accepted and gaining tremendously popularity at the retail stores, on the red carpet and with the fashion media.

     Lets have a look at some of these items:

Dilkash Print by Sania Maskatiya:

          Sania Maskatiya’s Dilkash collection created quite a buzz and she took the fashion world by surprise with her creative take on ready-to-wear. Her aesthetic was fresh and off the mill and created quite a momentum appearing in various fashion spread and adorned by various fashionistas on the red carpet.

‘Dilkash’ print

(L-R) Event Manager, Coordinator Freiha Altaf, Publicist Selina Rashid Khan, Designer Sania Maskatiya in ‘Dilkash’ Print

Marilyn Monroe kurta by Ayesha Khurram:

      Ayesha Khurram is one of the many designers who are tremendously talented, have been in the business for about a decade yet keep very low-profile and stay out of the limelight doing their business quietly without any fuss or mass media advertising campaigns.

       Her first mainstream appearance was at Sky Showcase held earlier this year. Her delicate line of chiffon dresses and digital prints presented the ‘East-West’ fusion in the most creative and fashionable of the ways. But it was the white tunic with a digital Marilyn Monroe print that stood out the most.

Marilyn Monroe Kurta by Ayesha Khurram

          While her collection was picked up by Pernia Qureshi; designer, stockist and stylist who also happens to be the stylist of Sonam Kapoor. Within days, the Marilyn Monroe kurta was sold out.

Pernia’s Online Pop-Up Shop

But it was after Katy Perry’s picture with the acclaimed tunic emerged on twitter that the fashionistas and press took notice of this amazing creation. Kurta was sent as a gift by Pernia Qureshi to Katy Perry when she visited India.

Katy Perry with Ayesha Khurram’s Marilyn Monroe Kurta

From producers to writers, everyone made their fair share of money of Marilyn’s name but I have to say this was one the most delightful tribute to the most mysterious and celebrated diva of 20th century.


Sequinned Flag clutch by Mahin Hussain:

Mahin Hussain’s sequinned flag clutch is another accessory that has created quite a rave. Making a very patriotic fashion statement, the bag has found its way onto Page 3 various times.

Mahin Hussain’s Sequinned Flag Clutch

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy carrying Mahin Hussain Clutch






Mahin Hussain Accessories brings the quirky ‘Zinda Qaum Collection’

    Pakistan fashion industry’s one of the most celebrated Accessories Designer and winner of Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent in Fashion (2011) Mahin Hussain’s latest offering is a collection of bags, clutches and totes with quirky independence day motifs, prints and appliques in relevance to the Pakistan’s Independence Day falling next week.

Sequinned Flag Leather Clutch

Zinda Qaum Clutch – Green & Orange

Flag Tote

Liaqat Bag and Clutch

Noor Jehan Bag and Pouch

Ipad Cover

Toiletry Bag

        All accessories are quite kinky and outre’ but that’s what Mahin Hussain is known for. This peculiar sense of whimsical designing is what makes Mahin Hussain a superb artisan.

     Each of these pieces are ornate and flamboyant but her very popular sequinned flag cluth and Ipad Cover bearing picture of iconic singer Noor Jehan are splendid in particular.

   For details, visit her website.