Most Stylish Men of The Year – 2014

Evolution of menswear style in Pakistan hasn’t been at par with womenswear but one can take respite in the fact that it is evolving though at a more sluggish pace then one would want it to.

2014 saw emergence of some delightful red carpet fashion in menswear department. While old guns continued their commendable performance in style department, a lot of new stars got a chance to shine as well thanks to more opportunities/awareness in general and a significant increase in red carpet appearance in particular.

Style Supplement takes a look at stars who were an absolute delight to watch on the red carpet and wowed everyone with their style quotient. Here’s the list of some of most stylish men on the red carpet.

6.Adnan Malik

Adnan Malik has been the most consistent of the stylish men lot. Whether it’s a fashion week red carpet or a simple, subtle launch, Adnan always dresses for the part. His blazers in particular have been slick, stylish and right on trend with their florals and windowpane patterns. 

Adnan Malik at FPW Adnan Malik in Ahmed Bham

5. Kamiar Rokni

Dapper meets sporty is the best way to define Kamiar Rokni’s style. Whether its the slickly cut jackets, orange knitted tie or a punchy pocket square, he brings it every single time. 

kamiar-rokni_512x768 Kamiar Rokni Kamiar Rokni (2)

4. Shammal Qureishi

Simple and to the point. Mirrored aviators, flower lapel pin or a woven plaited belt; Shammal is very good at making minimalist, statement making details work. 

Shammal Qureshi wearing HSY jacket Shammal Qureishi at Toni & Guy Launch Redah Misbah and Shamael. Redah Misbah & Shammal Qureshi

3. Emaad Irfani

Whether its the HSY emblem jacket or a sharp two button suit, ex-model Emaad Irfani has always complimented his exceptionally good looks with equally stylish clothes. 

Maryam Shafaat, Emmad Irfani wearing HSY Mariam and Emad Irfani

2. Ammar Belal

Most experimental of the lot and a personal favourite, Ammar has been one to watch out for. It’s amazing how he make a t-shirt under suit look work so well. The double breasted electric blue blue jacket on the other hand is a collectibles item.

0232941001397898881pfdc_2014_day_1_redcarpet_spotted_11 0040914001397901524pfdc_2014_day_2_redcarpet_spotted_14

1. Fawad Khan

This was no-brainer. Fawad Khan shone on all fronts in 2014 whether it’s the silver screen or the big screen but it’s his red carpet looks that excited me the most. Fitted waistcoats, striking pocket squares, well tailored suits; he has undoubtedly been the most stylish male star of 2014.  

fawad fawad lux 2 fawad 1 f3 f1 (78)






Lust List – Summer Essentials

Summers have arrived. It’s not even mid-May yet and mercury has already sky rocketed giving a very coarse reminder of times ahead but ball of fashion keeps rolling. That’s the thing about fashion, i’t not restricted to seasons and occasions. Style rules all year long whether the weather is chilling cold or scorching hot, style takes no break.

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Trend Alert – The Velvet Trousers

I have been following menswear at New York Fashion Week closely and one trend that has really stood out is the velvet trousers. Well, trend of velvet trousers with tuxedo in a formal setting has always been a there but now the designers are pushing the trend down into everyday wear.

The look is urban, athletic and very casual/semi-formal. Pair your velvet pants with a simple button down shirt, a chunky sweater or a blazer and you are right on trend. The point is to treat them like your regular slim fitted cotton chinos. Just be vary of going over flashy.

Caution: The trend is not for the weak-hearted but neither is fashion.

velvet pants

And there was plenty of velvet on display at the runways of Milan and London as well.

velvet pants

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials: The suede desert boot

   Trend talk is passe’. Fashion is all about exploring your personal style but if there was one item that you can swear by for spring, it is the ‘Suede Desert boot’.

(Pic courtesy

(Pic courtesy


It has come as a breath of fresh air into menswear market. Suede texture is a welcome respite from all those leather pointy shoes and you can play with the colour and texture. This shoe is heaven sent.

Suede Desert Boots by Topman, $92

Suede Desert Boots by Topman, $92

If you are going for the desert shoe, go for a semi-casual attire; ditch the socks and pair the boots up with a casual dress-shirt and a pair of jeans or a coulourful chinos. It is the ultimate preppy hipster look.


Apparently British royal family is quite a fan of the suede desert boots and younger Prince Harry has been spotted a couple of times wearing them.

Prince harry 2


X-Factor UK judge Gary Barlow has been spotted wearing them as well.


   There’s just no beating the Brits, is there?

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Adnan Malik at ‘My Punjabi Love for You’ video launch

    Adnan Malik is one guy who knows his fashion well. He is definitely one of the better dressed people on celebrity sphere and in social circles. At the launch of Bambu Sauce’s ‘My Punjabi Love for You’ video that he directed, he looked very on trend in a sports blazer, a cotton pocket square and a webbed leather belt.

    Adnan Malik at 'My Punjabi Lovefor You' video launch    From navy blue chinos to brown plaited leather belt and military hair to white cotton with black border pocket square; everything’s right in place. Only thing I have a little issue with is the unpressed shirt, it’s not looking very flattering. Wish he went for a crisper shirt. The rest is perfection.

   Here’s a breakdown of his look, I am not sure what brands he is wearing but here are pieces similar to his wardrobe.

ASOS Plaited Belt

ASOS Plaited Belt

I am particularly in love with his hair That military quiff looks very  athletic, young and sporty without looking overly boyish.

adnan malik quiff

Job very well done. More of this please.

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